The Voice of the Church On Dress

Today’s professing Christians are walking but a step behind the world, concerned about being too “different” or standing out too

The Evolution of Calvinism

Introduction: On major doctrinal issues Calvinism evolved from Paganism, Gnosticism, and Roman Catholicism. Calvinists and all others holding the doctrines

The Joking Preacher

If it were not for the possibility of involving me in condemnation by remaining silent, I would refrain from writing


Some people say that baptism, since it is an ordinance, has been done away with according to Colossians 2:13-14. Is

Woman’s Covering

The Bible has been written that not only scholars can understand sound doctrine, but also the ordinary people. With this

Once Saved Always Saved?

There are many preachers in today’s world who give people a false sense of security by teaching them that once

Sinning Saints?

The enmity of the world to Christ and His religion is, undoubtedly, the natural result of man’s universal sinfulness; for

Turned Upside Down by the World

Souls are in grave danger of embracing the smooth, effeminate brand of “Christianity” that is so easily found today. Were