A Bankrupt Philosophy

Susan Mutch


Abortion, suicide, euthanasia. Society has reduced human life to a material, disposable commodity, as though mankind were constituted of merely tissues, bones, and atoms. And, under the spell of humanist dogma, society’s masters have the mass­es believing that this is the better way; a way of re­spect for man’s right to choice; the all-important, much-touted “human rights.”

But look a little deeper. Do we see any inhumane practices behind this humanist philosophy? Are any suffering from this “enlightened” worldview? And further, is it not fair to say that this God-denying phi­losophy is actually inherently destructive to the very people it claims to be “liberating”?

It has only been since the resurgence of this ancient monster not so many decades ago, that we are seeing the swelling numbers of suicides and the staggering millions of murdered unborn human beings. This phi­losophy leaves a woeful, bloody trail of human carnage! But what else can one expect from a philosophy rooted in rebellion against our holy God? Breaking from the moorings of God’s righteous commands, society has set sail on a turbulent sea, ever churning with the carnal vices of rebellious man. Humankind, indulging in their animal propensities as natural brute beasts, are corrupting themselves.

Yet, even while societies are reaping the bitter harvest of humanist philosophy and wondering what to do with all the broken pieces and un­precedented social ills, their blinded masters still rejoice in their liberation from the “outmoded moral restrictions” of the days gone by.

But while they glory in their shame, the masses are struggling in epi­demic proportions with emptiness and depression. What, they wonder, is the reason for living? All the self-indulgence has left them bankrupt of happiness and with a growing sense of dissatisfaction, causing even the youth to become weary of life.

What is the solution? The answer is not in asserting your own “human right” to do as you please with your own body and your own life. We have already seen where that path leads. The answer is quite simple, but one the humanist gurus do not want to hear–it is found in God, our Cre­ator. By virtue of being the Creator of all, He has supreme right over us in all things. And if man would but acknowledge this and submit his heart and will to His ways, it would be as the opening of the prison to them that are bound; the exchanging of mourning and heaviness for joy.

The philosophy of humanism deval­ues human life; God elevates and honours it, for man is indeed precious in His sight. So much so, that He gave the unspeakable gift of Jesus Christ on the cross to procure a deliverance from the sin and the corrupt, hurtful lusts that destroy mankind, both in this world and the one to come. God’s care and love for man is unbounded. No greater Friend could be found.

Far from His commandments being grievous or burdensome, they are both life-giving and burden-lifting, for they are designed for the protection and well-being of mankind.

What an extreme privilege to place our life in the care and guidance of such a powerful and loving God; a Friend who will never leave us or forsake us!

Cast off the bankrupt and hurtful phi­losophy of humanist ideals. Come! Taste and see that the Lord is good!


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