A Friend of the World?

Susan Mutch

Why is it that so many professing Christians today are tip-toeing around the truth in an effort to ensure they do not offend the world? Since when does God’s enemy merit such solicitous concern? And how can it be that the Truth is treated with such dishonour and shame by those professing to embrace it! It seems they embrace it at arm’s length lest the world think they are too affectionately endeared to it.

Shameful cowards, the whole professing lot! They know neither the glory of the cross nor the corruption that is in the world. They know not the Christ they profess, nor the power of His great salvation or the world would be crucified unto them–a rag to be cast behind them with disdain.

A Christian, a friend of the world? It cannot be, for the very friendship of the world is enmity with God (Jms. 4:4). Walk to its beat? Look for its smiles? Dress for its approval? Not the Christian! Leave that to the double-minded who halt between two opinions and are embarrassed to walk with Christ. The Christian will have none of it.

Some say times have changed and Christians must use a different approach to win the world than in the past. Great lie of Satan! Believe it not! Such wisdom is sensual and devilish (Jms. 3:15)–an excuse to live more in the flesh and avoid the reproach of the cross. The preaching of the cross and separation from the world have always been the means of saving the lost and bringing down the glory. Anything less will only propagate this baneful breed of religious mutants who have never gotten over their love for the world, hence their sympathy for it.

Thank God that He still has an unworldly, unwavering, holy remnant that are loving the narrow way and are shouting happy to have escaped the corruption of the world with its lusts. Thank God for the fellowship of the unashamed!


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