A Plea for the Youth

Addison Everett


This is a plea for the youth.

It is a plea for reason.

When will the violence stop? What will it take for our country to wake up and realize that something must change now? The partisan war rages and our chil­dren are the casualties. While pundits from both sides champion the cause of their political donors, young people are being murdered in the streets. Change is overdue. It is time for action!

We stand for the victimized and oppressed. We weep with the heartbroken who have lost those they love. We reach out to a nation that feels the shockwave of tragedy. O America! Your children are dying!

Wake up America! Violence has filled your streets! Your schools have turned into breeding grounds for hate! What has happened? And who must we blame? Fault lies on both sides of the partisan divide. Politics is not the answer!

A broken society is to blame! This problem is not new. Suburban America is now feeling the painful ef­fects of a hateful, prejudiced society–effects which have haunted the streets of our inner cities for years. Blood has already stained the pavement! Race-baiting has produced ideological extremism at young ages. The “American Dream” has left children in fatherless homes without proper role models, and “women’s lib” has robbed them of their mothers. Then Hollywood is their baby-sitter. The system has failed us!

The entertainment industry is to blame! The movie screens are filled with violence, while rich actors get richer by glamorizing bloodshed. Little children are desensitized to the horrible realities of murder. Video games that teach children to kill are not a few. Musicians get paid high dollars to defraud society of family values and promote gun violence. TV shows trivialize the most abhorrent crimes. Wicked role models! Blood is upon the hands of Hollywood!

The education system is to blame! Public schools have succeeded in removing Christianity from their midst. Godly principles have been replaced with philosophy that turns human-beings into heartless animals. The social atmospheres of the school system create cliques where the beautiful reign and the unpopular are bullied, fat-shamed, and ostracized. Those who aren’t with the “in-crowd” sit at home and learn to kill on the internet. All the while they are robbed of their moral compass by the Darwinian lies taught by their teachers. The schools have failed!

The politics are to blame! Both the political right and left are funded by special interests. The Almighty Dollar has been put before the lives of our children. The money controls the politics, and we have been sold out!

Wake up America! Your plight only worsens. You can’t legislate yourself out of this problem. Only Jesus Christ can fix it. He is still the solution.

We offer this solution to all. We offer a godly so­ciety; a community where love is the supreme law. A place where violence, hatred, prejudice, and bul­lying are destroyed. A place where you will be loved no matter where you came from or what you look like. A place you can call home.

Salvation can heal a hateful heart, and it can heal the heart of the broken. Salvation is the only answer. We would love to talk to all who are thirsty for a real answer.

“And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.” Revelation 22:17.


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5 thoughts on “A Plea for the Youth”

  1. The Bible is the most widely published and disseminated book of violence in human history. #potcallingthekettle

  2. “The Bible is the most widely published and disseminated book of violence in human history.”

    You couldn’t have put it better, Esteban. The depiction of violence is not the same thing as violence; the representation of violence is one way to teach young people how abhorrent, horrific and wrong violence is.

    The only way we can stem the flow of blood from the epidemic of gun violence in our country is sensible gun control. We must outlaw military-type weapons, bump stocks and similar excesses in hardware. We must regulate who has access to guns with universal background checks. We must license those who choose to own deadly weapons, just as we license and require insurance of automobiles. These are common-sense measures. The young victims of gun violence understand this. They are the victims of today, but the voters of tomorrow. Corrupt politicians who are cowed by the NRA ignore them at their peril.

    • For a thorough and lasting solution, it is necessary to go to the root of a problem, otherwise people will be forever trying to prune the off-shoots from that root, whether that be gun violence, the drug problem, the increasing suicides, or any of the other social problems plaguing society today.
      SIN in the heart of man is the root. The only One who can fix that problem is Jesus Christ–and let me tell you, He really can deliver us from the power of sin!! Salvation works!
      We want our youth out there and everyone else to have the opportunity to experience this lasting, and most glorious solution!


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