A Plea from Hell

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“Save the Planet!” The cry resounds across the globe. Bumble bee populations are decreasing in Canada. Spring flooding is forcing thousands to evacuate. The bean industry is declining in El Salvador. The global economic inequality is worsening. Children living in the tropics face difficulties attaining a secondary school education. And the culprit for all these evils? According to the media, it is climate change.

Thus, the cry rings ever louder. Politicians are forced to draw up plans to curb climate change. Companies are finding innovative ways to “go green,” from shoes made out of ocean waste to bicycles that fold into backpacks. Climate change protesters glue themselves to the London Stock Exchange. Over a million students band together for world-wide school strikes to protest in an attempt to avert climate change. An ever growing number of people are radically changing their lifestyles, denying themselves comforts, and passionately dedicating themselves to fighting climate change. Fuelling their zeal is the belief that climate change is real and that we are headed for catastrophic global changes and mass extinction if mankind doesn’t make drastic changes in the next twelve years.


And while radical measures are taken to raise climate change awareness around the globe, the multitudes remain oblivious to the imminent event that will be far more catastrophic than any predicted by climate change activists. Jesus Christ stands at the door!

While climate change is a debated topic, with scientists on both sides of the argument, the return of Christ for the Final Judgment is founded on the never-failing promises of God. Although mankind waited long for the promised Messiah, the day came when the promised Babe lay in the virgin’s arms. And ever since, the world has never been the same, our very calendar testifying to the time when God’s promise was fulfilled. Just so, although we have waited long, Jesus will appear to call the world into judgment as He has promised.

What a Day that Will Be!

What a day that will be! Stripped of every earthly possession, we will face our great Creator. This world, with all its substance, will cease to be. We must lay aside every relationship, every penny, all our plans and dreams for the future. Every human opinion must bow. Even our earthly bodies must we exchange for incorruptible ones, in which we will experience an eternity of either torment or bliss.

Exposed and powerless to resist, we will behold our Lord to whom we now must give account. Every atheist will see Him whom he denied. No haughty spirit will rise up in rebellion against his Maker on that day. No difference will exist between the king and the pauper, between the celebrities and the unknown of this world–all will stand equally stripped of all they possessed in this life. How we have portrayed ourselves or what others thought of us will be utterly meaningless as we face the One who intimately knows our every secret. Thus laid bare, we will be summoned to stand before the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Forever Too Late

For all who have passed into eternity, it is forever too late to change their condition. Rebellious sinners, refusing to yield to the Lord’s commands in this life, will awake in eternity as guilty sinners. Only those who have been washed by the blood of Christ–having lived soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world–will be guiltless in the sight of God when they enter eternity.

Now to all who remain alive, a small window of opportunity has been given; a chance to heed Peter’s plea, “Save yourselves from this untoward generation”!

If only the multitudes would be persuaded of the reality and imminence of the Final Judgment Day! Faith always produces action. The activist fighting climate change lives radically, protests loudly, and fights boldly because he believes. What a change we would see if men truly believed we must soon face the almighty Judge! With what urgency men would prepare to meet their God! No price would be too high, no sacrifice too hard, if we but grasped the haste with which we must save our souls, before it is eternally too late!

Jesus told of the rich man who lived deliciously in this life, but found himself in torments after a sudden death. Christ shared a glimpse into eternity with us when He recounted the rich man’s plea for his brethren. The message he wanted his brothers to receive was not how they should distribute his riches or what they could do to live long and happy lives. His only longing for them was, “Send Lazarus that he might testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment.” Oh, how he wished his brethren could be entreated to be saved!

Save Your Soul at Any Cost!

Since that time, multitudes without number have joined the rich man in the flames, and I dare say, their cry for those still living is not, “Save the planet!” But, oh, if we could hear them today, their cry would blend with the pleas of God’s preachers, crying, “Save your soul at any cost!”


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