An Important Message from the Church of God Concerning George Floyd

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Another injustice. Another killing of a defenseless black man by a white police officer—this time in Minneapolis.

As the Church of God, we send our deepest heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of George Floyd,  as well as to the people of Texas, Minneapolis, and the entire United States who are touched by this tragedy. The video footage of this killing is absolutely inhuman, and this senseless act must be condemned by all people.

Tragically, many other African Americans have fallen victim to similar violence without the benefit of having it documented via video recording.  What happened to George Floyd is not a single and isolated act of brutality but evidence of a system which mass-produces these heartbreaking results. Racism is not dead in our country.

This tragedy affects all of us.  Injustice and oppression will be defeated only when we stand together in solidarity as one human family for the cause of truth.

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”  Proverbs 29:2


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12 thoughts on “An Important Message from the Church of God Concerning George Floyd”

  1. Hi. I did not know George Floyd, I do not know if he was a good person or a bad person. Of this, his family, friends and those who knew him will testify. But what I saw in the videos, is that he gave himself to the policemen in a peacefully passive way, just as Jesus gives himself to the policemen. No human being deserves to die like George Floyd died, so if he died at the hands of an evil doer, a disciple of the devil. He trusted that in the resurrection he will be raised to heaven and not lowered to where his murderer will be.
    I’m sorry, my english is not good.

    Hola. No conocí a George Floyd, no sé si era una buena persona o mala persona. De ello, darán testimonio, su familia, amistades y quienes lo conocieron. Pero lo que vi en los videos, es que él se entregó a los policías de manera pacíficamente pasiva, tal cual se entrega Jesús a los policías. Ningún ser humano merece morir como murió George Floyd, por tanto si él murió a manos de un hacedor de maldad, un discípulo del diablo. Confió en que en la resurrección sea alzado al cielo y no bajado a donde estará su asesino.

  2. No one should be killed the way George was.
    Ifs a disgrace.
    I don’t support the violence that has happened since but I do understand how they feel.
    Black lives matter and its about time this killing of black people stop.
    We have to pray that no more lives are lost like this.
    I constantly pray especially for our black youths because you just don’t know when they leave home if they will return.
    Let’s protest but let’s do it peaceful.

  3. I may be an atheist but I know good people when I see them! Thank you for supporting our African American brothers & sisters during these trying times.

  4. I say there should be a movement called “Every Life Matters” after all everything hangs on the 2nd greatest commandment, “Love thy neighbor as thy self”. Doesn’t mean only if they are Christian, this means regardless of who or what they are. Don’t hear that nowadays. Today’s Church is too busy preaching what I call “Me (anity)”, that is focus on trying to do things to get “blessed” that way you can feel like your faith is validated.

  5. Let them mourn , let them be outraged . Things can be replaced but people can not . It’s time to rise up against hate and show all of our sisters and brothers from all walks of life no matter their age , color , ability and even those who cannot understand what’s going on in this world that we love them , GOD LOVES Them , we can use this time to lift others up In prayer . Thank you for all of our many blessings . Let’s share our peace with them .

  6. As a member of the Jewish community, I stand shoulder to shoulder with all righteous people of every faith and color. Together, our voices will not be denied.


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