Arrows in the Hands of God

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“As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.” Psalm 127:4.

OH, THE POSSIBILITIES POSSESSED BY YOUTH! What zeal, what vivacity, what passion lies in the bosom of the young! Feeling themselves unconquerable, they face seemingly unsurmountable obstacles with optimism and confidence. In the heart of the young is a longing to accomplish and conquer the impossible; a longing to give themselves over passionately to a cause they feel is worth their all. The Psalmist describes the young as arrows, as weapons of war, in the hand of a mighty man. “Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them,” he continues. And surely, what couldn’t be accomplished with an army of passionate, confident young people?

Hitler understood it when he organized the Hitler Youth. What power lies in an army of fervent young people fighting for a cause! The devil has well-grounded reasons to fear the young. He is fully aware of the devastation he would suffer if such a quiver of arrows were poised against his kingdom. The masses of disillusioned young people today are no accident. Satan has strategically worked towards their demise, for he has good reasons to fear them.

Today’s young people face more obstacles and harsher realities than ever before. Multitudes of them are trying to cope with deep wounds and scars received in childhood. Their childhood, which should have been characterized by a loving, supportive, and carefree environment that would have set them up for success, was instead a time of turmoil and anxiety. Millions suffered as their families were broken up by divorce. Parents, too busy trying to attain the American dream, relinquished their children to daycares, public schools, and a host of extra-curricular programs, where they were indeed kept busy and supervised, but left devoid of the attentive care, unconditional support, and heartfelt affection they craved. They struggled through the pain in their childhood with the help of Disney and the latest video game.

And now, still reeling from childhood’s hardships and disappointments, young people are bombarded with pressures that only recent generations know anything about. Pressured to be Hollywood-beautiful, pressured to don the latest strange fads, pressured to give their bodies over to sensuality and licentiousness, pressured to subject themselves to every newest corrupting movie, pressured to experience every form of sinful pleasure, pressured to question their identity…pressured, pressured, pressured. Is it any wonder that many a young person has lost the sparkle in his eyes? Without a strong support system and facing such challenges and pressures, it’s understandable that many millions are on anti-depression and anxiety meds, and suicide is the second-leading cause of death for the young.

Who’s told our young girls they must fit Hollywood’s standard of beauty, even if it means they must change the way God carefully formed them by means of makeup or plastic surgery? Who has told our young people that youth is a time of onenight stands and flings that leave them disillusioned and unfulfilled? Why is there such pressure to question one’s gender? If they weren’t questioning their identity before, they are surely confused by the time they try to set up their Facebook account and are faced with 71 gender options to choose from! Countless are the means and devices Satan has set up in this time to rob our youth of their innocence, their youthful joy, and their purpose!

Enough is enough! It is time for the young to rise up and refuse to take Satan’s abuse any longer! Oh, that young women would realize that the beauty of holiness is inimitable by Hollywood’s plastic version. Oh, that young men would know the honor of standing pure and undefiled in a desperately wicked generation. What joy to know true liberation–liberty from sin and its devastating consequences! Oh, that their faces would shine and their hearts would sing, unencumbered by the oppressions of Satan’s society.

If there is an ember of passion left in the hearts of today’s youth, let it be used in revenge against the kingdom of Satan that has robbed them of so much! Let them exchange their lifeless, virtual social life for the unflinching support and affectionate brotherhood of God’s people. Let them spend their energies in God’s cause. It was God that placed the longing in their hearts to conquer and accomplish the unimaginable. The desire to fight valiantly and passionately for a great cause was given them by Him. God’s desire has ever been to use their youthful strength and zeal for His glory and His cause. Let the young be passionately engaged in God’s battle against the forces of wickedness; let them taste the joys of rescuing perishing souls from Satan’s clutches, and Satan’s allurements will lose all appeal.

There is no greater happiness, no deeper fulfillment, than to live for what one was created for. Thus, nothing will satiate the hearts of the young more than being arrows in the hands of God!


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