The Degeneration of Society

Addison Everett


Fire! Fire! Fire! God send heaven’s blazing wrath against the wicked and abominable system of corruption that has raped and enslaved the human race! For generations there has been a planned, systematic degeneration of society, orchestrated by the upper echelons of power, which has succeeded in destroying the foundations of righteousness from civilization and hurtling mankind into an abyss of utter moral destitution. Through the scientific community, pop-culture, and the media, these “rulers of the darkness of the world” have promulgated the vilest debauchery and created a generation of cursed children, successively more depraved than those before them.

It is no mistake that the fashion industry increasingly promotes promiscuity of the worst kind. The world of entertainment, with all its musicians, actors, and athletes, has imposed upon the people role models of adultery, extravagance, and bestial indulgence of fallen man’s basest passions. So-called “scientists” preach a Darwinian gospel of materialism that legitimizes their degeneracy, and the controlled media institutions provide a pulpit for its publication. This demoralization of society is a calculated execution of an age-old agenda, designed to enslave the masses in pleasure-seeking and to make them easier to control. It is a treasonous betrayal of the human race by the “principalities and powers” and criminality of the highest sort.

What is sometimes thought to be a grassroots evolution of popular culture is merely the result of an aggressive campaign to shape the minds of the public. It doesn’t take a “conspiracy theory” to understand that these agendas are being intentionally propagated. Everywhere in pop culture we see the demeaning of traditional values of marriage and family. There is an ongoing culture war for the homogenization of gender. Gender distinctions are being dropped while young men are being emasculated into effeminate, metrosexual urbanites who don’t know how to be men and raise families. Homosexuality is now “in style.” Everywhere we see an increased sexualization of children, which reveals the inordinate and vile lusts of those who publish and promote it. Bestiality, pedophilia, and sadomasochism are being glorified by the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Lust-driven and rebellious women fight like animals for the right to murder their children after promiscuous escapades. “Political correctness” and “tolerance” are the watchwords of those who insist we embrace their illicit lifestyles, while they scorn, abuse, and persecute those who are different from them.

All of these social phenomena are not incidental; they are intentional. There is “spiritual wickedness in high places” that exercises influence over the major institutions of the world and determines what ideas find conventionality. Through the television networks and music charts, they have produced a controlled economy that causes people of a certain caste to prosper while stifling others. They are the engineers of societies. They are the princes of this world.

In order to cultivate reception in the masses, they begin their deception at an early age. Networks such as Disney target young children by creating teeny-bopper icons like Miley Cyrus, who then become deviant sex symbols that are adored and mimicked by the youth. The public school system is nothing less than a militant indoctrination camp designed to create mindless devotees to the system. Children show up to school in their Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber t-shirts and learn how to explore sexuality, while teenage pregnancy, divorce, and abortion numbers rise. And lest the conscience of any become sensitive, the soothsayers assure them that they are righteous enough as long as they recycle and save the ozone layer. What they call science is the new theology. Their materialistic and godless philosophy is merely a neopagan fertility cult that has revived in the loosing of the Old Serpent (see Revelation 20). They compass the camp of the saints about, but God shall shower fire upon them from the governors of Judah! (Zechariah 12:6).

Wake up people! They are doing this to you on purpose! They create the illusion that you are free while you rush like zombies to the mall and purchase the latest trend! They tell you what to wear and how to style your hair! You are not free! They have created a society of flesh-slaves that worship the images and idols they have set up! You dress alike and look alike! They have taken your money, your time, and your purity! They have tricked you into funding your own oppression while you praise your slave masters! This is wickedness!

Where are the rebel youths who are tired of being exploited by the system and want to fight back? Where are the true thinkers of the world who can see that this oppressive ideology is not working? There is no successful counter-culture. Every real resistance has been swallowed up by the wicked, harlot system of false religion! The church of God is the only true resistance! We have broken free from the chains of hedonistic society! In the spirit of holiness and true righteousness we stand against the malicious advancement of sin that is molesting the nations. The glorious light of our gospel is reaching the world. We preach against sin without apology! We are not part of the system, but strangers and pilgrims who belong to a heavenly country! Our message is not that of the countless hypocritical churches that preach against the world yet are swallowed up by it. We refuse to be like the world!

May God scatter these hailstones of truth to the four corners of the earth! O World! God is moving once again! The Lake of Fire is reserved for all who yield to sin, and it only will sufficiently deliver a long-deserved, final retribution to these enemies of righteousness. But until then, may this gospel batter to pieces every oppressive structure of wicked men, and gather all who will be saved to the safety of the church of God. Amen.


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2 thoughts on “The Degeneration of Society”

  1. Very well said. I am trying to find where I can forward this to my friends, can you help?

    Thank You

  2. I just read this article again and it gets better every time.
    Well written, well placed, well thought out. And it hits the nail on it’s head. How could or would anyone refute what has been stated here. Unless, of course they are blind and indoctrinated.


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