Humanist Dictatorship

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The world as we know it is in a state of utter chaos. It has embarked on a sickening rampage of self-destruction. Governments around the globe are dedicating themselves to a coercive agenda of humanism and secularism. This move is eroding the foundations of society, and draining its life-blood. Absolute moral devastation is the inevitable result. A shocking characteristic of this phenomenon is that “civilized” Western nations have taken their position at the spearhead of the campaign.

It would be difficult to find a better example of this catastrophe than recent happenings regarding the church of God in Germany. After waiting for five months and two days for a decision from the Regierungspraesidium Stuttgart, Baden Wuerttemberg-Abteilung Schule und Bildung, on an application for government acceptance of our private Christian school, we received on February 9, 2010, a shocking denial of our application. This denial came in spite of the fact that for thirteen years our school had operated very successfully with the tacit agreement of the government. Graduates of our school passed final state examinations with honors and made smooth transitions into the professional world.

Appalling religious discrimination and denegation of religious freedom constituted the main thrust of the letter. It was a blatant attack on the inherent right of children to security and success through the guidance of their parents (to whom they were ultimately entrusted) and the guidance of God–their Creator. From the letter emerges an alarming drive for state control of our children, by a move to forcibly wrench them out of God-ordained parental jurisdiction, and transplant them into a “self-dependence” far beyond their capacity to deal with as children. After all, there is not a single government on earth (however capable and powerful) that was endued with the ability to bear children. Furthermore, there has never been among the billions of this world even one child that was enabled to single-handedly and successfully decide his life’s course. This leads us to the logical and very elementary conclusion that parents were meant to preside over the affairs of their children until they are in a state to do so themselves.

According to the letter of denial from the department of education, requiring obedience of our children inhibits their development of individuality and personal identity. By impregnation of society with this mentality, children are spurred to disrespect their parents, teachers, and fellowmen in general, as well as values and principles that serve as indispensable building blocks of any successful civilization. In fact, obedience is the only preventative measure for anarchy and revolution.

By impeding the free course of biblical belief and practice, government officials are actively promoting ideological coercion. While Germany is a prime example of anti-religious civilization (more properly barbarity), the entire world is falling prey to a move of secularization of society to the exclusion of God from the schools, homes, and lives in general of humanity.

It is utterly ridiculous that education officials mentioned hairstyles and dress of our students (that were normal just a century ago) as argumentation to deny rights to a private school! What underlines the absurdity of this reasoning is that enrollees of German state schools are permitted the most bizarre hairstyles, dyes, and clothing imaginable. Students in public schools are being subjected daily to sexual exploitation through the clothes (or lack of them) of their fellow classmates, the themes and contents of their textbooks, and the overall absence of moral values.

As we retrospect the late 1930’s and early 1940’s, we are awe-struck at the demonstration of absolute control of the masses; we shudder at the inconceivable sway of power and are horrified at the ghastly scenes of atrocity, all of which characterized western Europe. Even Germany itself decries its history of this era. It is of paramount importance to realize that what set the stage for these events was the undermining, and eventual obliteration of religion and religious freedom. It was this that allowed for the persecution of religion and its professors. More precisely said, it was this that paved the way for the creation of death camps like Auschwitz and Dachau. And it is the very same ban of religion, which is allowing for the repetition of history in the same essence of National Socialist thought, only in the Germany of 2010! The accommodation of religion is a prerequisite for the stability of German society in general, as religion is an indispensable and vital component of Germany’s social fabric. The memories of the thirties and forties are to stand as memorials of infamy, the sight of which should forever preclude their re-occurrence.

Whatever happened to the fundamental understanding that diversity of society undergirds national strength? There is grave danger in homogenization of society–the permeation of the public with a single, prevailing, all-pervading frame of mind. The regime of Joseph Stalin and of communist China are examples of the implementation of this ideology. In fact, these infamous regimes are mirrored by the perpetration of the same ideals in present-day Germany.

In this modern society, the state is attempting a coup d’état on God. Atheism and humanism are rampant. The resulting immorality is drowning children and teenagers in a swirling vortex of crime, moral pollution, and acute identity crisis. Schools have turned into every day crime scenes and even massacre sites. Teachers are commonly known to succumb to nervous exhaustion and mental burnout syndrome (if they survive school shootings). An article in the German publication Stern (May 28, 2009), provided shocking coverage under the title “Kampfplatz Hauptschule” (Battlefield Middle School).

With the ideology of relative values, there cannot be anything that is really wrong. The secularized, humanistic state is giving mere children the prerogative to question and criticize anything and everything–even fundamental self-evident truths. Provided all is up for questioning and criticism, there remain no valid grounds to label genocide, abortion, euthanasia, or any other killing of or interfering with human life as wicked or even undesirable. It was the same framework of relativity of values and undermining of biblical principles which so effectively enabled Nazi leaders to practice racial extermination and other heinous crimes, while being adored as honorable leaders of the German nation.

In conclusion, we must realize that we are faced with radically aggressive invasion of basic and vital rights. Religion and the freedom to practice it have received the death sentence. The outlook of the future bespeaks calamity for Christians. However, our confrontation with these anti-religious powers is nothing new. We, as true Christians, have withstood the onslaught of governments and times for centuries and have always prevailed. We will continue to prevail until the end of time itself, for God always leads His people to victory.


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