In Six (Literal) Days the Lord Made Heaven and Earth

Susan Mutch


Satan’s attempt to negate God’s Word in Eden caused the fall of Adam and, subsequently, the entire human race. He attacked their faith—successfully. He’s doing the same today with multitudes and having the same success. Many of such profess to be Christians, yet their faith in the Bible, which is God’s Word to man, has been seriously undermined.

“Christian” theologians debate whether the Genesis record of creation is allegorical or historical. Were Adam and Eve even real people? Was it speaking of six literal days in creating this world, or were these but symbolic terms which could mean millions of years? After all, the former does not fit into the scientific scheme of things in this evolutionary-minded age.

Long ages are the foundation of evolutionary theory. Without billions of years, their theory falls, hence the battle to sway minds away from the “young,” 6,000-year-old earth. Someone out there, bewitched by bad science, and casting their faith thitherward, has caused school textbooks to be filled with “thus saith the scientists.” Their hypothesis, though unproven scientifically, is written as fact in black and white. Creation by God is not mentioned.

Truly, this is a godless age, and they love to have it so! Evolution is not merely a thought conjectured by the human mind. It is the product of Satan’s insidious working to undermine belief in God and His revealed will, as declared in the Bible. Evolutionists will not believe in the God of the Bible who made all things out of nothing, but insist on believing that all matter spontaneously came into existence out of nothing! What “faith”!

So insidious is Satan’s craft, that professing Christians are under the spell, finding a “compatible” mix for faith and science—“theistic evolution,” or “old earth” version of creation. Blinded minds (2 Cor. 4:4)!

So, does day in the first chapter of Genesis refer to a twenty-four hour day, or a long period of time, even millions of years? To me, there is no debate on the matter. It is six literal days, amen. The Bible has not changed. Science has—new discoveries revealing its own past errors. The Bible is the authority, not fallible man, and it declares, “For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day.” Exo. 20:11. (Hence our week of seven days.)

Interesting that the pressure is on to change the meaning of the word day in Genesis chapter one. Why not in Genesis 5:5, where it states Adam lived to be 930 years? Perhaps they would also have us believe year doesn’t mean a literal year in this context. Maybe it means he lived millions of years! Where does this thinking end? What is left to believe in the Bible—the virgin birth of Jesus? The resurrection? Heaven and hell? Maybe it’s all just allegorical. Negate its truth in one place, and you discredit the whole. And that is exactly what Satan is after!

Those who resist the idea of six literal creation days love to quote the following two scriptures to suggest those days can be accounted for a long period of time: “For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night.” Psa. 90:4. “One day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” 2 Pet. 3:8. Neither of these texts are in the context of the creation, as is Genesis chapter one. Psa. 90:4 is simply meaning that the Eternal God does not view time as we do and expresses this in language we can relate to. A thousand years to Him being “like” yesterday, and “as” a watch in the night. This is not saying a thousand years is literally such.

The reference in 2 Peter takes us to the context of the end of the world, not the beginning. It addresses the scoffers saying, “Where is the promise of his coming?” and explains that the delay was not slackness on the part of God, but rather shows the nature of His mercy and longsuffering. God is not limited by time. Nothing can connect the expressions used here to the days of creation.

It is important to note that each of the six days in creation is defined by “the evening” and “the morning,” clearly defining literal, consecutive twenty-four hour days.

I concur with the writer that stated, “God created the mature, fully functioning creation in six literal days about 6,000 years ago.” And I might add, He created it ex nihilo—out of nothing. This destroys Darwinism, the Bible chronology being too brief to allow for long ages of evolutionary processes.

This generation is experiencing a violent attack on the authority and inerrancy of the scriptures. One of the devil’s methods is in using strong undercurrents of evolutionary error. With the help of such “Christian” institutes as the BioLogos Foundation, doctrines of devils are infiltrating mainstream evangelical circles. Established in 2007, it promotes the harmony of modern science and the Bible. They uphold the “theistic evolution” theory, which is the belief that God used the evolutionary method in creation over eons of time. Of course, they negate the literal six days of creation. Neither do they believe that Adam and Eve were the first humans and the progenitors of the entire human race, but state, “All science can say is that there was never a time when only two people existed on the earth.” “Science also makes it very clear that humans developed through an evolutionary process.”

Now the apostle Paul definitely believed that God created Adam as the first man. Evolutionists are saying that Paul was wrong. What other teachings of Paul will follow?

Oh, dear readers, how little out there today calling itself Christian, is indeed Christian! One heresy leads to another. The next step—the fall of man? Original sin?

It should not be surprising that the BioLogos foundation has a mission to “impact the next generation.” They provide professional development opportunities for Christian schools and school science teachers, as well as plans to work on a curriculum for use in Christian high schools. Propagators of Satan’s work, they are!

June’s issue of Christianity Today magazine reports that authors Os Guinness and Philip Yancey are among the evangelical figures accepting these heresies. One “scholar” reportedly stated that “if the data is overwhelming in favor of evolution, to deny that reality will make us a cult”! (O Science, he adores thee!)

Just a little wind from the huff and puff of godless scientists is blowing many away from biblical orthodoxy. I marvel that such give more credence to scientists than to the Bible. It is not the Bible that should be questioned or reinterpreted, it is science.

The Bible is supreme truth. Science needs to catch up with the Word of God, for when “heaven and earth shall pass away,” along with all the pomp and folly of man, then all will know that His words were all true and “shall not pass away.” Scientists, now “professing themselves to be wise” will realize in the end that they were in fact “fools.”


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