No Price Too High

Edel Neufeld


In business, it is necessary to understand the relation­ship between the possible price of a product in accor­dance with the demand of said product. We find that people are willing to pay the asking price, provided they perceive a need for the product. The higher the per­ception of the need, the higher the price that they are prepared to pay. Thus, businesses will endeavour to advertise in such a way as to prompt in the consumers’ minds the need for their product. They know that once the consumer is aware of his defi­ciency, he will be willing to pay the asking price to provide for the lack. If the consumer fails to see his need, however, he will most likely refuse to spend the money. The less a con­sumer feels a need for the product, the less he is willing to pay; at times, rejecting the product even when it is offered at a discount price. It func­tions very much the same in the spiri­tual as well.

A certain woman came to Je­sus one day as He sat at meat with a Pharisee. She walked in, uninvited, bringing with her a box of ointment. As she wept, her hot tears fell on Je­sus’ feet, and she dried them with her hair. Then, with much feeling, she anointed His feet with the aromatic ointment. Her tears were tears of shame, of regret…of full surrender. She cast aside formality and protocol. The opinions of man could not sway her. Her only preoccupation was the realization that she was in desperate need of forgiveness. Whatever the cost, she knew she must get to Jesus and give Him her tears, surrender her all, and devote her affections on Him.

When Jesus perceived that the Pharisee found fault, Jesus told him, “Her sins, which are many, are for­given; for she loved much, but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little.” Jesus was not saying that some need little forgiveness, and thus will love little. But the essence of His words is that we will love in direct proportion to our perceived need of forgiveness. Lukewarm love to God reveals a lack of understand­ing of our critical need of the blood of Calvary. Those who are not will­ing to cast everything aside–lay out whatever the cost–are those that have not recognized the depths of their sins nor grasped the gracious offer of the Saviour.

Surely, one of the hardest tasks a preacher must accomplish is to make blind men fully see their desperate need of the precious blood of Jesus Christ. It is a task that can only be ac­complished by a God-called ministry, full of the Holy Ghost and power–a ministry not afraid to uncover every sin. But when achieved, the sinful soul will be willing to pay any cost at all to have His blood hit their souls! And once forgiven, such a soul will love much for it knows the depths of sin that the blood washed away.

Jesus told of a man who, as he looked for goodly pearls, found one of great price. To obtain it, he went and sold all he had for that one pearl. He didn’t feel he had relinquished much in the deal. He sold out because he understood that the one pearl was worth more than all His previous pos­sessions.

Every one of us is born seeking a goodly pearl. We all long to find true satis­faction. We strive to obtain lasting joy, and we search for true love. Are we willing to sacrifice much for what we feel will grant us our goodly pearl?

But few are they that find the one pearl of great price, of more value than all we possess. The enemy of our souls does all he can to distract and side-track us in our search for it. Satan works hard to conceal from our view the location of the one pearl we need. But louder, ever louder, is the sound of the trumpet proclaiming to all seekers the location of the valu­able pearl! In the church of God, one can find real salvation, deliverance from every bondage of sin, and lasting satisfaction and joy! All who have bought a counter­feit pearl are being left with empty pockets and great disillusionment.

Paul said, “What things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ. Yea, doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suf­fered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ.” But today, the lives of most people are a sad at­testation that they have counted the things of God as dung, that they may win the world, its pomp, and its show. It is not a sacrifice to give up dung. The reason mul­titudes find it difficult to renounce their all to win Christ is because they don’t realize they are clinging to dung.

But—glory to God!—the Lord has raised up a powerful ministry that is able to expose ev­erything for what it is. Baby­lon is being fully exposed! She is being stripped of all her fineries and sto­len goods, leaving in their place a naked, desolate, and monstrous entity. As she is exposed, as she is stripped of all beauty, the multitudes will begin to realize that they have devoted their means, their affections, yea, their very lives, to a hideous entity that has left them disillusioned, empty, and void of happi­ness. Then, and only then, will the mul­titudes proclaim with Paul, “What things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ.”

So we say, apostles and prophets, preach on! Pour out the scorching judg­ments of God! Expose every facet and feature of the eighth beast! Expose every sin! Make us to understand our desper­ate need of Christ’s cleansing blood! And when we understand, there will be no price too high to pay. We too will sell our all to gain the pearl. We too will love much, for we will understand of how much we have been forgiven!


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