Sexual Liberation—A Door to Devastation

Elizabeth Oppel


“A liberated woman is one who has sex before marriage and a job afterwards.”

Gloria Steinheim, feminist

There was a time in our country when sex was regarded as special and sacred. This relationship was reserved to show in­tense love between a man and a woman, who had a mutual agreement to stay to­gether for life. The average man was pro­tective of his wife and daughters. He was unwilling to have the bodies of his women folk exposed to the critique and lust of un­worthy men. It was considered scandalous for an unmarried couple to be out alone after dark. This would give too much op­portunity for a woman to be taken advan­tage of. If a man impregnated a woman before marriage, it was considered his obli­gation to marry the woman as a sign of his commitment beyond a personal moment of pleasure.

This all changed with the uprising of unsatisfied women. While the women had reason to be upset and demand change, the system took advantage of this rebel­lion and turned it into something that has become the greatest oppression of women of all times. What they considered should have been a liberating time, turned into the start of great bondage. A sexual revolution began.

In a so-called effort to liberalize wom­en, women were encouraged to leave all carefulness and throw themselves reckless­ly out. Dress and behavior that had once been considered modest and honoring be­came quaint and outdated. Women began to be taught from their youth on that to be truly liberated they must experiment with sex before marriage.

Hollywood glamorized scantily dressed women who used their bodies to receive favors and posi­tions. Advertisements be­gan to make mechandise of women’s bodies to sell their unrelated wares. The whole world became wrapped in the buying and selling of women’s bodies.

The decline of morals is a dangerous and slippery slope. What started as a call for freedom has actually turned into an open attack on womanhood. Women have lost their dignity and have become more objec­tified than ever before. So-called gentlemen’s clubs, adult bookstores, and por­nography have totally de­meaned the woman’s body and made her an object for sale.

One-night stands and teen pregnan­cy are on the rise. There are more single moms than ever before. “Shacking up” has almost become more normal than marriage. It is not only acceptable, but expect­ed that affairs will take place in a marriage. Abortion has become common as people seek to deal with regrets and broken rela­tionships. Sexually transmitted diseases are rampant.

Women are being brainwashed by the media that “liberated” women must ex­pose their bodies and be willingly used of men.

Traumatization has become nor­mal. If you desire to escape heartbreak and trouble by being sexually conserva­tive, you are considered simple. Virginity at marriage is only for those who are too unattractive to catch someone before. The sight of women modestly dressed brings feelings of sympathy from the onlookers– “Surely this woman is in bondage.”

Before, for a man to gain the right to a woman’s body, he must first have proved himself worthy. He had to be responsible and loving and be willing to make a com­mitment. Now, it has become a cheap sport. Many times the woman is the victim.

It is time for us to stand up against such atrocities. The cries of heartbroken and used women demand us to set things straight. Girls of all ages are pleading with us to deal with the heart of the matter.

Sexual liberation has not produced the promised freedom to women at all. It is time to stop being fooled by the agenda of the system of this world.

Let us be real women, as God intend­ed. We must dress and act in a way that de­mands the respect of all people. We must teach our children that virginity at mar­riage is beautiful. We must tell our married women that being faithful to one man is dignified.

Women of the world, refuse to be abused and objectified. God made women honorable and He offers true liberation to all.


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