Still Unbelieving

Brigitte Wiebe

GT May-June 2017

Perhaps almost everyone thought that Noah had finally lost his mind. He claimed that God had told him the world would be destroyed by a flood. “Just think, how could such a thing be even remotely possible? First of all, flood? What is that? Such a thing has never been heard of. Second, Noah is the only one who knows about this. He has no large following, no scientific evidence, nothing except a supposed revelation he claims to have gotten from a mysterious Being he calls God. If God really exists and is concerned about saving us, why would He only tell one man? How can one person be right and the whole world wrong?”

Thus the world must have mocked, questioned, and probably ignored Noah as the years passed by. For one hundred years Noah continued building, warning, and believing. He was, by all appearances, alone except for his family, perceived as insane, despised, mocked, and ignored; but he was right. In spite of everything, he was right. When the flood came, he remained, and everyone else perished. They rejected his message and lost everything as a result.

Many of the Jews could not believe that this young carpenter from Nazareth was claiming the impossible! “The Messiah? What? We know this man, we know his family. He is one of us. We grew up with him. He is completely ordinary except that he tries to condemn our religious leaders and performs elaborate tricks. The Messiah will come as a mighty conqueror and deliver us from the Romans! How dare he declare himself equal with God?” Thus they raged and disbelieved while God Himself walked among them, simply because they would not acknowledge the truth. Disliking the Man, those Jews rejected the One whom their whole system of religion pointed to. Therefore, they received condemnation.

In 2017, the world revels still in unbelief. They reason, “A small group with peculiar ways is proclaiming that God is about to destroy the world and call it into judgment? That is not what most religious places are saying. How could such an insignificant group be right and so many others wrong?” Sound familiar? History is repeating itself once again. “As the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

During Noah’s time, those who hoped to survive had to get in the ark. Those who did not, perished no matter how much they may have claimed sincerity or perhaps even a belief in God. When Jesus came, all who would be saved had to acknowledge Him as the Christ. Those who did not fall on that Rock were crushed by it.

Throughout history, men have rejected those through whom God has chosen to work. Many want their help to come according to their own preconceived ideas and often will not accept what does not fit those criteria. O faithless generation! Since when has God needed our opinion? He alone chooses the object of our faith, and all we are left to do is embrace it: not disbelieve it, find fault with it, or reason it away–simply embrace it.

Today, God has one option for a world in complete chaos and darkness. He has not left Himself without a witness, but has, this very moment, a visible and tangible church living undefiled in a polluted world. Her members are holy, her doctrines are sound, her ministers are called of God and preach the pure gospel, and her worship is Spirit directed. She is the church of God, the one bright, beautiful, and holy bride of Christ. Deliverance has come through her! We extend the invitation: Everyone, everywhere who would escape the coming deluge of the wrath of God’s judgment, get in God’s church. Because, dear friend, she is the only one that is not going under.


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