The Consequences of Atheism

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The Consequences of Atheism

Atheism, like all worldviews, has consequences. Worldviews have destinations. They are courses that carry us on to some arrival point, whether that point is good or bad. Therefore, the most important question in life that we could ask ourselves is, “Where is my worldview taking me?” What does your worldview presuppose? What does it give place to? If you were thoroughly honest, would evil people be able to adapt your worldview to justify their evil deeds? If you are an atheist who desires to be sound in your reasoning, you would have to say, “Yes.”

“Wait a minute,” you may say, “Have there not been individuals in history who have committed evil deeds in the name of Christianity, such as the crusades and inquisitions?”

Of course. Sad to say, much has been done in His name that has nothing to do with Him or His true people. However, the consequences of your atheistic worldview deprive you of your ability to even judge such matters. If there really is no God, no Supreme Judge who governs us, who are you (or anyone for that matter) to say it is wrong to slaughter thousands of people in the name of Christianity? In fact, who are you to say that anything that anyone does is right or wrong? If there is no Judge who has set a Judgment Day to punish the wrong and reward the right, what value is there to supposed “wrong” or “right?” What good reason would we have to endeavor to be right and avoid wrong, if indeed it is ourselves and not One Supreme Being who defines right from wrong?

You see, the consequences of atheism actually destroy the concept of consequences. If people are brought to actually believe that there is no God who defines morality, that they themselves define it, and that there is no Judge who will punish or reward them for the wrong or right they do, they will fundamentally (even if not consciously) suppose there are no consequences to their actions. A society that is inoculated with such a belief is a dangerous society–and that is, increasingly, our society.

“I don’t believe there is a God. I live as I please, without any control from another. I define what is right and what is wrong for me. Truth is relative, depending on people and circumstances. There is no life after this; when we die, that is all there is.”

This is the creed that has indoctrinated this generation. It is exactly what has led us to believe that there are no consequences to our actions, yet the consequences are devastating. This creed is what lodges in the hearts of all liars, oppressors, murderers, and the immoral.

“They encourage themselves in an evil matter: they commune of laying snares privily; they say, Who shall see them?” Psalm 64:5.

In other words, “Where are the consequences? Where is the Supreme Judge of my actions?” Perhaps you are an atheist who feels you are a good, moral person; that you have not done wrong to anyone, but are you really the exception? Even if you are right, would the worldview, the course, the destination of atheism allow you to stay that way?


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