The Emasculation of Men

Patricia Braun

Do you remember the Bible story about Moses in the bulrushes? Moses’ mother, to protect his life from Pharaoh’s deadly law, hides him in a basket on the river. Pharaoh’s daughter finds him, and, moved with pity, rescues him. Miriam saves the day by referring her own mother as a wonderful nurse for baby Moses, to which the princess readily agrees. Moses goes back home, his life now protected by royalty. What a lovely story! What is not so lovely is the reason why Moses was float­ing in the water, weeping in his little basket.

There was an attack on Moses’ manhood–on the man­hood of all Hebrew men, to be exact. Pharaoh was concerned that the He­brews were getting too strong. He feared that, as was prophesied to Abraham (Gen­esis 15:13-14), the Hebrews would soon make their exit out of Egypt, leaving the economy to suffer a great loss. Endeavor­ing to prevent such an exodus, Pharaoh commanded the midwives, when attending the Hebrew women, to kill their newborn boys (Exodus 1:16). Pharaoh understood that if he could stop the supply of strong men to the nation of Israel, he would then be able to keep the Hebrews under his hand forever.

Babylon understood this principle when it chose to focus on educating young, healthy, intelligent men during the captivity of the Jews in the days of Daniel the prophet. Herod waged war on man­hood as he killed all boys two years old and under, in an effort to kill the promised Messiah. The attack is still on. The war has not ceased, but rather increased. The tac­tics are still very much the same. Our baby boys are still being killed, although now before they are even born. Our young men are still being indoctrinated by pagan in­structors and stripped of any godly teach­ing they may have received as a child. And yet there is more.

In our time, we see a purposeful as­sault aimed at emasculating the men of the 21st century. Women’s Liberation has apparently “freed” the women, and has paralyzed the men and demot­ed them from their God-given place of authority in the home. The “American Dream” has forced our women to be “ca­reer women” in order to afford its require­ments. All sorts of evil has come from women no longer being at home. Home life is being destroyed. The babies that es­cape being aborted are hauled off to day­ care. Their future is laid in the hands of an ungodly system.

Young men are taught to dress in the latest fashions of form-fitting shirts and pants in such pretty pastel shades as lavender. And, after the 1960s, men have donned jewelry and grown their hair as long as women’s hair.

Our boys are taught in school that maybe they aren’t a boy after all. If they choose to believe they are a boy, they are told that it`s okay to fall in love with another boy and marry him. The media has pushed images of “pregnant men” into their minds to fur­ther confuse the image of what a man really is. The leaders of our society still have the same cry as Pharaoh, “If it be a son, kill him.”

It is still understood today that if you want to take down a people, a race, a religion, you must disable their men. There is no better way to do this than to emasculate them.

If you are a man, dear reader, the rul­ers of the darkness of this world are out to take every bit of your manhood away from you. They mean for you to be a pawn in promoting their wicked warfare against God Almighty and His religion–true Christianity. That is why they try to get your wife to the workplace and tell you to stay home and clean the house. That is why they push feminine-styled clothing on you. That is why you are encouraged to live a homosexual or transgender lifestyle.

Men, rise up and be whom God has called you to be! Be like Daniel and his friends who refused to eat the king’s meat (Daniel 1:8-15). Don’t go along “with the flow.” Be like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who didn’t bow down to the music of the image (Daniel 3). Refuse to be cowed down by the agenda of the age. Be the leader in your home. Be a leader in spirituality. Be a leader in strength and courage. Be strong! Be a man!

Herod wanted to stop the prophecy of the Messiah from being fulfilled, by destroying baby boys. And now, with the Lord soon to return, and the prophecies of God’s glorious and final victory over wrong soon to be fulfilled, the rulers of the darkness of this world are fighting with all they have to keep them from being fulfilled. Just as Herod was un­able to kill the Messiah, so these present workers of spiritual wickedness in high places will also be unable to stop the ad­vancement and final victory of the saints of God in this battle for truth.

Men, revolt and declare your man­hood! The victory in this battle will be on God’s side. Be a man that God can use to accomplish His eternal purpose.


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