The “Morality” of Murder

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THIS WORLD IS UPSIDE DOWN. So long has it stood upended that by now seemingly every drop of moral common sense has drained from it.

A recent article in the National Post exploring the debate surrounding population control and its potential effect on the current climate “crisis” bears the title, “Is it Immoral to Have Babies in the Era of Climate Change?”

Pardon me, did you say, immoral? From which of society’s parched cisterns did you still manage to extract even a form of that unknown word, morality? Where, pray tell, has this cache of undiscovered morals been stowed for so long? I thought that morality, already highly endangered half a century ago, was now, beyond dispute, both extinct and fossilized.

To whom then–or to what–do you feel you owe morality? From whence comes this sudden religious-like accountability? God you have long cast aside, and His laws of morality have lain discarded in the ditches of your mind for decades. Will Earth judge you on that day? Alas, it will not be the earth, but its Maker whom you will face.

A plaque recently unveiled in Iceland commemorates what is said to be the first glacier “killed” by the climate “crisis” of this age. Pray tell, which government would lend us the vast expanse needed to display the myriads of plaques to memorialize countless aborted infants? Reader, brace yourself before reading the following line: In Essays in Philosophy, Leonard Kahn, of Loyola University in New Orleans, theorizes that aborting a fetus could be counted as a justifiable means to save the planet. Of course, only “enlightened” minds can thus understand the “morality” of murder!

Many of these “enlightened” minds belong to professors and educators who spend their years aimlessly wandering the arid wastelands of humanism. As educated fools, they mutter out and scribble down age-old theorems, gaining praise for their God-less lectures and theses. For these “distinguished accomplishments” one is prestigiously decorated as Humanist of the Year, while another receives the Erich Fromm Prize. Meanwhile, some of the very theories these men project and for which they are so vivaciously applauded, have consequences that are capable of staining the green applauding hands a blood-guilty red.

Today’s “green” cause lacks no converts– or investors. Filthy lucre is the driving force behind this campaign of “green” religion, and its believers tithe heavily. The real green, the most desired green, the only green that is actually seen at all by the greedy eyes of the climate swindlers, is the green of legal tender. The god of “green” religion is money, and carnal man, though having fairly abandoned the concept of a Creator, has not ceased to worship.

Thus the world is swallowed up by the earth. University professors with their egos, false scientists with their formulas, political operatives with their motives, celebrities with their manipulated popularity, philosophers armed with dangerous utilitarian theories, and the dominant, clamouring media–all viciously defend their stake in the grand green scheme, some at the cost of innocent blood.

This will soon end. And after this, the Judgment.


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