The Most Amazing Book

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The Most Amazing Book

Skeptics seek to discredit the Bible as a divine revelation. This they do for they are loathe to believe in the existence of a God requiring their obedience, else how can they sin with impunity? Time magazine stated that “Atheists can’t wait to prove the whole thing is a fairy tale.” Their waiting will be futile.

Let them hurl a barrage of vain reasonings against the sacred writings if they must–the Bible will stand unshaken while their humanist darts shatter and fall to the ground.

Furthermore, if the humanists were right in thinking that the Bible is merely a book written by man, void of divine inspiration, they ought to showcase it as the greatest attestation to the power of man! What an amazing book! Perhaps it ought to be their manifesto. Consider what manner of men those writers must have been, for…

  • The biblical history is accurate–some of which was recorded hundreds of years before the actual events! This includes the foretelling of the fall and rise of empires. What a marvel! How farsighted can mortal man get?!
  • The forty writers of this volume lived over a span of about 1,500 years. Despite coming from different times, cultures, and strata of life, their writings are strikingly unified, without contradictions. Have you ever known such a like-minded group of writers? Perhaps there is a special secret here we have yet to discover.
  • Its humanitarian message has the power to soothe the human heart, spreading love and comfort to all. The writer exhorts us to remember the poor and the widows, go the second mile for others, and love one another–even your enemies! Be forgiving, treat others as you would appreciate being treated. If followed, these teachings, and the many more in the Bible, will produce harmony among mankind. Violence would cease and wars would be no more!

How compassionate, forbearing, and loving the man who penned such ideologies! His writings need to fill the earth! Get this book of man out! And if these excellent precepts were embodied in his living, then behold the man and follow him!

German philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein, stated, “If a man could write a book on Ethics which really was a book on Ethics, this book [the Bible] would, with an explosion, destroy all the books in the world.”

If the Bible were to be read through the eyes of one who viewed it simply as the product of mortal man, they ought to marvel at such men. Their cumulative wisdom, knowledge, and understanding is unsurpassed. This group of writers has succeeded in creating the world’s best-selling, most enduring and distributed book, making them worthy of the highest accolade for both literary and humanitarian excellence.

An honest reader must conclude that they wrote under divine inspiration. I will conclude with the words of Erwin Lutzer: “Perhaps the reason for the Bible’s longevity can be found not in the men who wrote it, but in the God who inspired it.”


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