The Nations are Dancing


Where are the leaders—political or religious—with backbone today? Where are the men and women with moral convictions?

While the nations are being pressured to succumb to the demands of a liberal, ungodly minority, one has to wonder. The extremely aggressive homosexual movement is piping and the nations are dancing—they are afraid not to! Politicians are afraid they will lose votes. Others fear they will be called before a Human Rights Tribunal for a hate crime for disagreeing with such a lifestyle. How dare we have morals, after all.

Where are those that fear God rather than man? Who is on the Lord’s side? Where’s their voice? Where are the reproofs to the ungodly? There is certainly enough ungodliness in this untoward generation that needs reproving.

Where is the voice of those professing to be moral, and the “Christian” politicians when the gays are parading down the city streets (numbers of them entirely naked, which happens to be illegal) as they march brazenly before the children? Where is the resounding, “This is wrong!” Where is the indignation against such flagrant immorality? Where’s our “King Josiah” to knock down their altars and kick up a fuss?

John the Baptist reproved king Herod for his adulterous marriage. He was no reed shaken with the wind. John lost his head for his faithfulness, and he’s been shouting the high praises of God in Paradise ever since. How will it be in eternity for every world leader, every politician, every judge, and every so-called preacher who casts aside the commands of God and sympathizes with the devil’s cause, whether it be homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, or any other sin? Be assured, God will call them into judgment.

The worst of all, is that one by one, like dominoes, “Christian” sects bow to the pressure to tolerate and accept homosexuality as an acceptable alternate lifestyle or to the belief that there are times when murdering the unborn is acceptable. Christian? People of the Bible?! Surely the cup of God’s wrath is about to overflow in the final Judgment!

Before someone points their “homophobic” shotgun at us, we can say in all sincerity that we love all sinners and offer the gospel to all. “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” Gal. 4:16.

The Bible says that drunkenness is sin and that those guilty of this sin will not go to heaven. That does not mean that we hate the drunkard. Nor are we “drunkard-phobic.” We are glad for any opportunity to try to reach them with the gospel which can deliver them from all their sin.

The Bible also says that homosexuality is sin, yea, an abomination to God, and that those guilty of this sin will not go to heaven. That does not mean that we hate the homosexual. Nor are we homophobic. We are just as glad to try to reach them with the gospel as any other sinner. It is just a fact that homosexuality is a sin, and sin has eternal consequences. It is not love that would silence our voice to this sin or any other.

Just as a parent still loves its wayward child, though grieved by their crimes, so we love the sinner while we yet hate the sin.

The Word of God is irrevocable. Argue with it, if you will. Deny its authority and discredit it, if you insist, but when you see heaven and earth pass away, you will surely know that the Word of God endures forever. God is not mocked. He will bring all into judgment.

John the Baptist warned the people to flee from the wrath to come, and as we now stand on the verge of the end of all things, we are compelled to do the same. Love demands that we “cry aloud, spare not” and show the people their transgressions.

Susan Mutch


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