The Serpent’s Spell

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The old serpent is a sorcerer and has been so from the beginning. Back in the garden, Adam and Eve were beguiled by his allurements. Down through time, many have been fascinated by his enchantments. And, alas, men are still captivated by the serpent’s spell in our day.

Sinners have been bewitched by the devil himself, along with his many temptations. And now there is no manner by which they can free themselves from the constant lure toward evil. The propensity to sin is so great that, try as they might, they will never succeed in disengaging sin’s magnetic pull. The wicked are running headlong on the path to destruction, and, although they are warned again and again, they keep hasting on to ruin. After all, they have been charmed by the sinful spell of the enemy.

Their only hope of deliverance lies in the Seed (Jesus Christ) that bruised the serpent’s head (Genesis 3:15). If we are in Christ, we are part of that Seed (Galatians 3:16 and 29); wherefore God has called us to liberate those still held captive by Satan’s spell. We are to loose them from the bewitchment of the devil. We must divert their eyes from the serpent’s charms to the ultimate sacrifice of the Saviour of the world.

The satanic spell is one of darkness and can only be broken by the light. We are divinely commissioned to intervene between sinners and the devil, all the while making sinners see the glorious light of the gospel.

Though their plight is a desperate one, it is not one without hope! The light of the world can lighten up their darkness and open their blinded eyes. Moreover, Jesus said that we, as children of God, are the light of the world (Matthew 5:14). Sinful men can be freed, if we are passionate enough about freeing them. Let us rise to the occasion. As the flames of hell are threatening already to engulf them, let us pull them out of the fire (Jude 1:23)!


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