The Sexualization of Children

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Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not.” Mark 10:14.

Laud the beautiful innocence of uncorrupted youth! Precious children who come from their mother’s womb aglow with the light of Jesus Christ (John 1:9). Cursed be the world that sets upon their destruction the moment they are born! Those beautiful babies that escape the abortionist’s knife are seized upon by the deranged mob and flung into a world of pollution and immorality.

The sexualization of children in today’s world is not only becoming commonplace; it is celebrated. Hollywood, with its roster of degenerates, is rushing to normalize pedophilia and today’s entertainment reeks with it. These sexual deviants have not been content to dishonor their bodies among themselves, but they have burned in their lust toward the young and innocent. Like the men of Sodom, they break into homes to gratify their indiscriminate lust, and not even the youngest child is safe.

This is vileness in its worst form. How great is the sin which violates the innocence of a helpless child! They which do such things are worse than animals. They love to hurt the helpless. They are willing to destroy the life of a child whom God loves, merely to satisfy their sensual appetites. Bad are the wicked men who lust after children. Worse are they who make propaganda of it. They are worthy of death.

Observe how far society has deteriorated. The public-school systems of California are teaching school-aged children how to have sex. Bill AB-329 prohibits parents from opting their children out of materials that discuss gender identity and sexual orientation. This is not an isolated case, but is becoming the norm.

Parents are given the right only to abort their children. Once the children are in the hands of the institution, the rights of the parents are taken away. Suddenly, the children can decide. Minor children can decide to have an abortion without their parents’ consent. A woman’s “choice” is worth marching for, until her choice prevents her daughter from turning into a boy. Then that woman no longer has choice. Her female empowerment disappears. If they truly wanted to empower women, they would endow them with the liberty to be the godly, beloved mothers their children need them to be. No, it is not women’s rights they care about. It is unbridled, inconsequential sexuality they care about. And the children are the victims.

“Drag Queen Story Hour” is becoming increasingly popular. Public libraries host the debauchery, as men dressed as sensual women read pro- LGBT books to children. One group of such drag queens called the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” refer to themselves as “queer nuns” in an obvious mockery of Christianity. During these events, children have been photographed lying on top of sprawling adult men. Do their parents approve of this molestation?

A twelve-year old boy named Desmond Napoles has become famous for being a “child drag performer” and “LGBTQ activist.” Video surfaced of him dancing in a bar in front of sex hungry men who threw money at him like a stripper. His mother didn’t seem to understand why someone had a problem with that. Allegedly, Desmond decided he wanted to be a drag queen as early as age two when he saw it on the television. According to them, two-year-olds possess the capacity to make decisions about who they will have sex with.

James Gunn, beloved director of the high-grossing film “Guardians of the Galaxy,” was exposed as a pedophile, after his history of tweets describing a violent sexual appetite for little boys came to light. He was dismissed with a slap on the wrist, but Hollywood, which ever loves its own, quickly restored him to his position.

Pedophiliac sex rings have been exposed among the wealthy but receive almost no coverage by the media conglomerates. Undoubtedly many of them are guilty of the same and fear to implicate themselves by talking about it. The dirty ties are still being uncovered between the political elite and sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein, who, in 2008, was convicted of soliciting a fourteen-year-old girl for prostitution. The smut-list continues.

Parents! Stand up for your children! They are being destroyed before your very eyes! Your little girl, whose fluttering brown eyes made your heart ache with love, is now being dragged into dark circles of sexual impurity. Her innocence is being stolen! She was once your butterfly, and now she has become the victim of someone’s degenerate lust!

Men! Fight for your sons! Don’t allow them to be ruined by this effeminate age! Teach them to be men! Teach them to love their wives and protect their children! Show them the values that will guide them through wholesome, productive lives. Show them how to work and be tough. Save them from this weak and whining generation of little boys!

Mothers, be an example to your daughters! Love your husbands! Be chaste so that your daughters may be. Do not balk at the wonderful role of mother and wife! Do not confuse your children about their sexuality by refusing to be the woman God made you to be! They are learning life roles from their parents.

Even those who are not Christians ought to agree that the things which I say are so. It doesn’t take the Bible to see how plainly awful this world is becoming.

We believe there are plenty of parents out there who love their children and do not agree with the direction things are going. Contact us. Let’s make schools where our children are not sexualized before they even hit puberty.

We cannot sit back and be quiet while these things happen. Do not so either!


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  1. That is all well said. It is exactly how I feel but have been unable to express it well. Well done!!


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