True Liberty

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SOCIETY HAS TAUGHT US THAT liberty is the freedom of choice regarding our own lives. Any restraints on that freedom is regarded as oppression. Thus, a liberated child will not only have the choice of what he would like to eat for breakfast and what clothes he would like to don for the day, but now, a truly liberated child is one who is free to be whatever gender he chooses to be. A truly liberated woman will not only be free to choose the career she wishes to have, to cosmetically or surgically choose what she would like to look like, but also have the freedom to abort the “inconvenience” growing in her womb. A truly liberated man will be free to be a stay-at-home-dad, wear pink or lavender while growing his hair long, or even have the liberty to marry another man. Such is what we have been told to think of as liberty.

As the church of God, we boldly declare that this world has been duped! True liberty does not come when we are unrestrained in the choices available to us. We experience true liberation when we are at liberty to be who we were created to be and do what we were created to do! A dolphin would not find it liberating to live in the jungle; neither would a hunting lion be more fulfilled if he were a house cat. Just so, you and I will find no greater satisfaction and liberty than to accomplish what God created us to do, in the environment that God has ordained for us. But somehow, multitudes have been persuaded that they will find greater fulfillment if they leave their natural habitat and pursue an alternate lifestyle.

The truth is, you and I were created to bring pleasure to God (Revelation 4:11). We will never experience true liberation until we bring pleasure to God by being who He meant us to be! It is not oppression to be limited in our choices. Oppression is to be hindered from being who we were meant to be, physically, mentally, or spiritually.

Children were meant to enjoy a time of innocence and purity. They were meant to be sheltered and nurtured in an environment that understands the value of their precious being. To place a child in front of the television to be bombarded with Hollywood’s destructive messages, robbing the child of his purity, is oppression. It is not liberating to allow a child to disobey and disrespect the wisdom of his elders, who understand more about life and the consequences of our choices. There is not a happier child than the one who lives under the protection, guidance, and training of wise and loving parents. This is so because a child was never meant to make life-changing decisions for himself in his tender age. It is liberating for a child to be placed under the care of wise adults that are able to make good decisions for him; he is thus left at liberty to play, to learn, to laugh…to be a child. For this reason, it is madness to influence a child to question his very gender, causing mental and emotional turmoil, at an age when carefree, innocent play should be what occupies his time. Oh, may our children be liberated from such “liberation”!

The women’s liberation movement has persuaded many unfortunate women that to be truly liberated and fulfilled, she will fight for her rights, demand equality in the work force, and cast aside her traditional role. Women have been told that supporting and serving their husbands is oppressive. Changing diapers, kissing boo-boos, and teaching a child to walk are rather lowly, demeaning tasks when a vast array of career options are waiting for them! But if such tasks were so oppressive and demeaning, pray tell me why the top three careers women have chosen for years have been being a secretary, a nurse, or a teacher. In the end, these women are still supporting and serving someone else’s business endeavours. They are still taking care of boo-boos and teaching children! Dear fellow women, why is it so unfulfilling to support and assist our husbands to be a financial success, but we can cheerfully do so for a boss? Why do we feel successful if we can wrap bandages on strangers and teach in a classroom, but we struggle with feelings of uselessness if we perform those tasks for our own children? Some careers women choose to pursue point out the fact that women are created for, and find fulfillment in, assisting and nurturing others. Far from being liberating, it is oppressive for a woman to be taken from her home to pursue a career, at the expense of the joys of motherhood. When a woman realizes and pursues her God-given role she will truly find life to be fulfilling beyond her expectations.

Oh, for women to be truly free from oppression! It is oppressive for Hollywood to prescribe revealing clothing and cosmetics to women in order to be accepted as beautiful and attractive. It is merciless to influence a woman to suppress her natural inclinations to nurture her baby and abort it instead, under the name of women’s liberation! Hindering a woman from being a housewife and mother is just as oppressive as keeping her from preaching the gospel. Both are forms of oppression, because the woman is hindered from being who her Creator intended her to be.

Likewise, our society has hindered men from being who they were meant to be. A happy, fulfilled man is the man that knows and acts upon his powerful place in this world. God created man to be a protector and provider for the weak and helpless. To fight for his own and their well-being brings real satisfaction to him. It is oppressive for a man not to be able to be the provider for the woman he loves. Many times a man is forced to compete with a woman in the work force, sometimes losing his position to a “pretty face” that will attract more customers. Meanwhile, his ego and his natural desire to provide well for his loved ones are trampled upon. And dejected is the man whose wife joins the trampling, telling him she doesn’t need any man to support her! Hollywood has jumped on the men-demeaning bandwagon, portraying men as the dumbed-down, good-for nothing laughingstocks in movies and TV shows. While the world laughs through Hollywood’s comedies, the God-given honour and place of the man is broken down in the minds of men, women, and children. This is not an accidental by product of Hollywood’s creations. The kings of the earth, the rulers of the darkness of this world, understand that if man’s desire and ability to rise up and fight for the weak and the helpless is destroyed, the masses will be under their control and influence. If the men cower under Satan’s sway, the women and children will be easy pickings for him. Dear men, rise up and realize your power, your innate ability, to defend the weak! Wearing lavender will not bring you freedom. Men will never find it liberating to marry another man. Revolt against the system that is endeavouring with a deadly force to make you effeminate cowards!

The world has been promised liberty by people who are themselves captives of much corruption (2 Peter 2:19). Jesus’ promise for liberty has all but been forgotten. But His promise still stands. “If the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed!” His church, purchased by His precious blood, is still bringing glad tidings of good into all the world: Jesus Christ is still healing the broken hearted, delivering the captives, recovering the sight of the blind, and setting at liberty those that are bruised!

Any oppressed soul can find true liberty in the church of God! We proclaim without hesitation that God’s church is the natural habitat of the human race! It is here that children are at liberty to enjoy their childhood in innocence and safety. Their joy and purity testify that they have been placed in an environment that provides the nurture and care they need to experience the freedom to be who they were meant to be. It is here that women of any age, ethnicity, or culture find true liberty, for they are allowed to be who they were created to be– honoured women. It is here that women are convinced of their beauty, just the way they are. It is here that woman’s natural desires and abilities are allowed to reach their full potential. It is here that men are allowed to fight boldly for their own, the weak, and the helpless. It is here that man is elevated to his God-given role as the leader, protector, and provider of those he loves.

Oh, may the whole world heed the Spirit and the bride calling, “Come!”


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