Turned Upside Down by the World

Souls are in grave danger of embracing the smooth, effeminate brand of “Christianity” that is so easily found today. Were Peter and Paul to enter upon this modern scene, I expect their holy indignation would rise to boiling and their tongues employ emphatic denunciations, for this neo-gospel is not the gospel that they laboured and died for.

While the early morning church “turned the world upside down,” we see that mainstream Christianity has been turned upside down by the world. In an effort to “win the people to Christ” and to “make attractive the way,” the cost of discipleship has been lowered, “equally costly faith” is not so costly anymore, and the narrow way has been comfortably broadened to accommodate those who falter at too much “straitness.”

It seems they are intent on paving the smoothest road to heaven that they can, taking out all the “bumps” for those who aren’t fully convinced that the way of the cross is worth leaving the world for anyway.

Intellectual minds have re-evaluated things and concluded that to win the world, you must reach them on their level. Hence, they evince a brand of “love” which spares all judgment, tolerates sin and error, and will work all manner of compromises to reach the masses in such a way so as not to make them feel that the gospel will place any requirements upon them. This is a far cry from those radical prophets of old who dared to “cry aloud and spare not,” in order to show the people their transgressions!

Just think, had the martyrs of old such “wisdom” as this, they could have avoided their martyrdom! What reproach they could have been spared! How congenial would have been their path!

Within the clime of the church-world today, the conscience rules and the opinions of man prevail. Methods have been learned and their attendance records convince them, that in this modern day, a new approach to soul-winning is necessary. After all, “he that winneth souls is wise.”

Self-proclaimed prophets of today insist that this is effective evangelism. They have decided to give the young people three parts volleyball and skating, to one part Bible study, and instead of the old-fashioned way of telling them to separate from worldly music, whether rock n’ roll or rap, they just change the words, but keep the beat. There will be some “hip” new converts before you know it! Just tell the people how much Jesus loves them–don’t offend them with specifics concerning conduct or dress. And please, do not be narrow-minded concerning doctrine, because that would hinder the ecumenical flow.

But what are we going to do about the Bible? It states, “BE NOT CONFORMED TO THIS WORLD.” God was the inspiration behind these words. When did the God who changes not, change?

Under divine inspiration, the apostle went on to say, “be ye TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind” (Rom. 12:2). This is a most concerning point, for though their parking lots are getting filled, it is difficult to find in the lives of their adherents, the proof of deep, divine transformation of heart and mind. Herein lies the separating factor for a true child of God. Can someone be divinely transformed, a new creature in Christ, and yet remain so interested in the world, so tolerant and “understanding” of its sins, and so shallow when it comes to having real Bible convictions?

The problem is, this exercise of human wisdom has not produced divine results. It has created a religious breed with no real Holy Ghost power, who are unacquainted with the cross and its attending glory. The world looking on is unconvinced, even mocking.

This “evangelism” will never produce a people of early morning stock. There is no resemblance.

But the hardy brand of Christianity, that which is pure and undefiled, and, do not forget, also “unspotted from the world,” is of no such temper. It will still make an issue of sin, with very distinct lines, though they be accused of having a harsh spirit. It never has become a friend to the world, but reproves it. It is actuated by the Holy Ghost, and all of its loves and hates are borne of Him.

One writer stated, “The men who move the world are the ones who do not let the world move them.” These, I say, are great men; men who know and fear their God; men who will stand up and say, “Thus saith the Lord!” though the whole world be offended; men who love souls enough to bear their wrath in an effort to save them from eternal hell.

This “seem right” way is seeming more right to people all the time, but God does not negotiate with the world. He calls it to repentance, and points out the only path to heaven that there is–the one that is still strait and narrow, which only those who have been crucified with Christ can walk upon.

Susan Mutch

“Oh for a breath from heaven that shall scatter these despicable compromises!”


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