Virtuous Women

The 1960’s witnessed a social upheaval–the anti-establishment rebellion, if you will. Little did we realize what would ensue. Society has never been the same. Traditional societal norms crumbled and the gates opened wide to divorce, abortion, sexual promiscuity, gender confusion, etc. Society has paid dearly for its new-found “freedoms.” This paradigm shift has left its devastating marks on families and home life. Everybody has suffered–fathers, mothers and children. Marriage has lost its sanctity and children have lost their security.

Satan well knew what he was doing when he attacked family values. He took the wives out of the homes, put the children in daycare, and took away the authority of the husbands as heads and providers of the homes. With this disruption of the God-ordained order of the traditional home, societal problems have steadily increased. Moral decadence is evidenced everywhere.

In considering the effect upon women, we look about and witness a tragedy–a generation of women who have demeaned themselves of the virtues that should grace their gender. Well today might someone ask, “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” Prov. 31:10. Where, indeed, are the respectful women of grace and virtue who can be upheld as role model’s for society? She has become a rarity.

Parents! What happened to your virtuous daughters? Oh, the tragedy of rampant fornication! Is not the pain of the cheap, noncommittal relationships untold?! Sin is ever mounting, with virtue lost, and countless unborn babies being murdered.

From a young age, girls are attired in sensual dress. And their parents allow them to do it! (What will the next generation do?!) Turn back the time clock a number of decades, and such undress would belong to but one type of woman. Good men stayed away from them.

Now the billboards and magazines and malls evidence women allowing themselves to be exploited as sexual commodities to sell anything from cars to jeans. They have sold out. There is little appearance of virtue or grace, especially in our upcoming generation.

Shamefaced women are almost passé. Ladies are no longer ladies, many having become crude-mouthed and overtly sexual in their behaviour. Through their own self-denigrating conduct, they have deemed themselves unworthy of respect from real men. One person wrote, “Until society rejects the use of sex as a commodity and a source of power, many daughters, sisters, wives resemble dime-store hookers. Publications make merchandise of such as you.”

Adding to this deplorable condition are women professing godliness (or shall we better say, professing religiousness?), for they, too, adorn themselves with immodest and sometimes manly dress–pants (tight or otherwise), low-cut tops, form-fitting skirts, and faces painted like the ancient “role-model,” Jezebel. Professing godliness? Professing to be a child of our holy God? The greater shame falls on such as you.

You may say that it is not just the women that brought on this present social condition, and to that I would heartily agree. However, if women would stop lending themselves to such immoral, cheap conduct, including the sensual “packaging” of themselves, and freely living in fornication, the expectations and conduct of others would be forced to change.

Dear women of this generation, it is time to do some re-evaluating. Things are not as they should be. Arise and make the difference–for yourself and for the daughters that follow. Womanhood, as God intended, is nobler and higher than this.

Susan Mutch


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