Why I Am Not a Protestant

The above title may come as a surprise to some, as many people believe that all non-Catholics are Protestants. But this is not so, as we trust you will see as you read this article.

I am not a Protestant because I am a member of the church of God by virtue of salvation (Acts 2:47) and the church of God is not a Protestant “church.” All Protestant “churches” can trace their origin back to the Roman Catholic system. But the church of God was founded and established by Jesus Christ Himself (Matthew 16:18), several hundred years before the Roman Catholic system of religion ever came into existence.

The church of God is a divine institution and has no relationship with Protestantism. Christ built His church, His body, of which He is the Head (Col. 1:18). He places the members in the body (church) as it pleases Him (I Cor. 12:18). His church is made up of lively stones (I Peter 2:5), saved, born-again people. There are no dead stones (sinners) in the church of God. If a saint goes back into sin, he or she is no longer a member of the church of God, for the church of God is without spot and blemish (Eph. 5:27).

The church of God was not built upon Peter, and he definitely was not the first pope. Jesus said He would build His church upon the Rock. The apostle Paul tells us in I Cor. 10:4, “And that Rock was Christ.” The church of God is built upon the Rock, Christ Jesus. He is also the chief corner stone.

In contrast, all Protestant denominations are man-made organizations, who elect their heads, make rules, laws, etc. To become a member of a Protestant denomination, one must subscribe to a creed or discipline. By that act, one severs full fellowship with other Christians who do not belong in their sect. Someone may say, that is not true, for we have fellowship with all Christians. They would learn different if they would try and partake of the Lord’s supper in some sects. It would be denied them, because of not being a member of that sect. In most denominations, if you do not become a member, you will find that you will be denied many privileges that their own members would have.

Born again people are not Protestants, unless they join a Protestant sect. If they join a Protestant sect, that makes them Protestants and a part of the Protestant system. But God did not make them Protestants—man does that. God makes saints out of sinners, but never Protestants.

If members of the church of God are not Protestants (and they surely are not Roman Catholics), what are they? They are called saints (Rom. 1:7, I Cor. 1:2, Eph. 1:1), and in about 60 other places in the New Testament alone, Christians (Acts 11:26), children of God (Matt. 5:9), etc. They have no part in Protestantism, which is Babylon (Rev. 17:5).

Members of the church of God have always been called saints, Christians, children of God, etc., but never Protestants. The name Protestant belongs to Babylon and the true Protestant belongs to Babylon. The true saints of God have no part of Babylon. Many have come out of Babylon (Protestantism, Catholicism, etc.) into the true light and as they come out, leave the Babylonian garments behind, of which the name Protestant is one.

A. J. Martin


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