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The Gospel Trumpet is a bi-monthly magazine published for the spiritual edification of the Church. It is currently being distributed to about 58 countries worldwide. It is also published in the German (Evangeliums Posaune), Russian (Труба Евангелия), and Spanish (Trompeta Evangélica) languages.

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July/ August 2021

The faculties of reason are being murdered in the classrooms. In the name of free-thinking, the institution is engaged in the greatest mass brainwashing of all time. Big money lobbying and philanthropy ensure that the ones with wealth stay in control of how the next generation thinks.

May/ June 2021

The world is in desperate need of an inoculation–an inoculation of TRUTH! Mankind is presently living under the darkened, toxic skies of LIES. Lies that misinform, misdirect,
oppress, and have potentially lethal consequences. Lies which are spoken by the very public servants who should be there to ensure the public’s safety.

March/ April 2021

CORRUPTION IS RAMPANT. FREEDOMS are abused. Information is twisted, and it is simply hard to know whom to believe anymore. The government is in confusion. Who is a hypocrite and whom can I trust? We’ve got to do something about this madness!

January/ February 2021

Consider Hitler’s use of propaganda, and then consider his derision of the German people when he said, “How fortunate for the government that the people they administer DON’T THINK”! Truly, history does repeat itself

November/ December 2020

In the current debate over personal freedoms and concern for public health, the voice of the church is desperately needed. PCR false positives are the prop maintaining an illusion of a pandemic.

March/April 2020

Humanity’s Groan – As unending waves that beat upon the ocean’s shore, the groans and sighs from the sea of humanity rise and swell unremittingly. The question is “Why?”
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Gospel Trumpet Magazine Cover - Jan Feb 2020 Issue

January/ February 2020

Go ye into all the world – 2020 here we come! The church intends to burst out of the starting gate of this new year with an aggressive push to reach a groaning, lost, and deceived world, with the help of Almighty God. Read The Gospel Trumpet

Gospel Trumpet Magazine Cover - Nov - Dec 2019 Issue

November/ December 2019

The Most Amazing Book – Skeptics seek to discredit the Bible as a divine revelation. This they do for they are loathe to believe in the existence of a God requiring their obedience, else how can they sin with impunity?Read The Gospel Trumpet

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