Church Government

The Presbytery
1 Timothy 4:14

And he gave some, apostles, and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers.

Ephesians 4:11

The scriptural definitions, designations, and offices of God’s true (human) messengers–often translated angels in the scriptures–are many and varied. This is due to their particular gifts from the Lord which are given without respect to race, gender, national origin, or socio-economic status.  Read more…

Apostle Daniel Wilburn Layne (1944-2011)

Bro. Layne was born on March 30, 1944, of church of God lineage in Ashland, Kentucky, and in youth was associated with the pioneers of the church of God. He was raised from the depths of sin to radical holiness and obtained a clear experience of Holy Ghost baptism. Soon after, God laid the charge of gospel ministry upon his heart. Called to be an apostle, he restored what had been lost through the awful and disastrous spiritual silence which began in the early 1900′s. Read more…

God is calling on us to be the church of God in the apostolic sense, not in name only, but in reality and power. The sounding forth of the seventh trumpet will accomplish this.

Apostle Daniel W. Layne

The Apostles

Portrait of Chief Apostle D. Ray Tinsman

D. Ray Tinsman
Chief Apostle

Portrait of Apostle Stephen Hargrave

Stephen Hargrave

Portrait of Apostle Randall Hargrave

Randall Hargrave

Portrait of Apostle Elizabeth Oppel

Elizabeth Oppel

Portrait of Apostle Patrick O'Shea, Jr.

Patrick O’Shea, Jr.

Portrait of Apostle Ernest Benion, Jr.

Ernest Benion Jr.

Portrait of Apostle Benjamin Tovstiga

Benjamin Tovstiga

Portrait of Apostle Addison Everett

Addison Everett

Portrait of Apostle Henry Hildebrandt

Henry Hildebrandt

Portrait of Apostle Susan Mutch

Susan Mutch

Portrait of Apostle Patrick O'Shea, Sr.

Patrick O’Shea, Sr.

The Prophets

Portrait of Elder Markus Tovstiga
Markus Tovstiga, Elder
Oklahoma City, OK, USA
John Friesen, Elder
Honey Grove, TX, USA
Peter Hildebrandt, Elder
Aylmer, ON, Canada
David Rabel, Elder
Greenville, OH, USA
Richard Wiebe, Pastor
Honey Grove, TX, USA
Sarah Tovstiga, Elder
Leamington, ON, Canada
Trudy Wiebe, Elder
Aylmer, ON, Canada
Portrait of Pastor Johan Hildebrandt
Johan Hildebrandt, Pastor
Chihuahua, Bolivia
Jonathan O’Shea, Elder
Greenville, OH, USA
Richard Hernandez, Elder
Ontario, CA, USA
Rudolf Becker, Elder
Dublin, Ireland
John Strizu, Elder
Greenville, OH, USA
Lonnie Bontrager, Pastor
Vevay, IN, USA
Portrait of Elder Thomas Tovstiga
Thomas Tovstiga, Elder
Leamington, ON, Canada
Doreen Ertmer, Elder
Sheboygan, WI, USA
Isaac Thiessen, Pastor
Guadalajara, JL, Mexico
Portrait of Elder Cynthia Kerby
Cynthia Kerby, Elder
Ensenada, BC, Mexico
Johan Redekop, Pastor
Tannendorf, CH, Mexico
Allen Bontrager, Pastor
Cecil, WI, USA
Julia Moor, Elder
Wald, VBG, Austria
Peter Braun, Elder
Lethbridge, AB, Canada
Linda Sechrist, Elder
Warsaw, IN, USA
Elvira Tovstiga, Elder
Aylmer, ON, Canada
Tamara Tinsman, Elder
Greenville, OH, USA
Abram Redekop, Elder
La Honda, ZA, Mexico
Marinela Luzong, Elder
Gary Boevers, Elder
Greenville, OH, USA
Portrait of Elder Susie Harder
Susie Harder, Elder
Tannendorf, CH, Mexico
Portrait of Elder Benjamin Tinsman
Benjamin Tinsman, Elder
Greenville, OH, USA
Jeremiah Estrada, Elder
Ontario, CA, USA
Portrait of Pastor Byron Benion
Byron Benion, Elder
Chicago, IL, USA
Portrait of Pastor Aaron Braun
Aaron Braun, Elder
Blumenort, DG, Mexico
Cherry Pacauncis, Elder
Paul Scott, Elder
Greenville, OH, USA
Portrait of Pastor Jonathan Anselm
Jonathan Anselm, Pastor
Wald, VBG, Austria

General Ministerial Body of the Church of God

The General Ministerial Body governs the church of God under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Apostles. They meet bi-annually and are in full unity with each other and the Church.

And Moses chose able men out of all Israel, and made them heads over the people, rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens. And they judged the people at all seasons: the hard causes they brought unto Moses, but every small matter they judged themselves.