Honey Grove, TX, USA

Bro. Rick Wiebe, Pastor

Greetings from the Pastor

Greetings to our fellow friends and neighbors!

I would like to extend a personal, heartfelt welcome to visit our services to any and all who are in search of the truth of God’s Holy Scriptures.

As we look for the impending return of our Savior, we invite you to come and see what the Lord has already restored. The family unit is in good working order! Our children understand the meaning of salvation and testify to the all cleansing blood touching their souls. Our youth is radical and burdened to see this work cover the world.

Come and see what the Lord can do for you!

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Meeting Times

9:30 AM – Sunday School
10:30 AM – Morning Service
5:30 PM – Evening Service

6:30 PM – Midweek Service

Upcoming Events

Apr 11–15, 2022 Gospel Meeting, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Apr 22–24, 2022 Gospel Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, USA
May 6–8, 2022 Gospel Meeting, Honey Grove, Texas, USA
May 22–29, 2022 Campmeeting, West Milton, Ohio, USA
Nov 21–26, 2022 Doctrinal Meeting, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Recent outreach events

March For Our Lives DTLA—March 24, 2018Standing up for our youth #salvationistheanswerRead about it

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Church of God Academy

About Honey Grove

Honey Grove bills itself as “The Sweetest Town in Texas”.
David Crockett discovered the area of Honey Grove when he camped there on his way to join the Texas Army at San Antonio in 1836. Crockett sent many letters back to Tennessee, telling of an area with an abundance of honey-filled trees, hence the town’s name. In 1837, Samuel Erwin became the first settler of the place. B. S. Walcott contributed much to the town’s development, by planning the city’s landscape and later on by selling building lots. In 1873 Honey Grove was officially established.

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407 Market St W
Honey Grove, TX, 75446