Leamington, ON, Canada

Portrait of Elder Thomas Tovstiga
Bro. Thomas Tovstiga, Elder

Greetings from the Elder

On behalf of the Church of God in Leamington, I extend heartfelt, Christian greetings!

In December 2016, under the guidance and direction of Apostle Henry Hildebrandt, several families from the congregation in Aylmer began meeting regularly in Leamington at our newly purchased meetinghouse. Shortly thereafter we settled in this area to establish a permanent work. God has since blessed His little band of pioneers, giving us a mind to work and much boldness to spread true Restoration. We believe God has much people in this city.

Every year, multitudes of off-shore workers stream into this area from the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and elsewhere, making this city a colourful hub of culture and ethnicity. Our mission is to bring in the glory of every nation while breaking down each wall of partition through the unifying power of the Holy Spirit, thereby presenting to the world God’s people – one in mind, heart, and soul.

We warmly welcome all who love the Truth to come and see what God is doing in Leamington!

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Meeting Times

9:30 AM – Sunday School for all ages
10:30 AM – Morning Service
6:00 PM – Evening Service

7:30 PM – Midweek Service

Upcoming Events

Apr 11–17, 2022 Gospel Meeting, Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada
May 22–29, 2022 Campmeeting, West Milton, Ohio, USA
Nov 21–26, 2022 Doctrinal Meeting, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Recent outreach events

March For Our Lives #TO—March 24, 2018Standing up for our youth #salvationistheanswer

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Church of God Academy

We thank God for our Christian school! It is a secure haven from the immorality and violence of the public school system, providing both physical and spiritual shelter for our children. It has produced radical, Holy Ghost-filled youth, who are zealous for holiness and outreach.

About Leamington

Settled in the mid to late 1800’s, Leamington became well-known for its vegetable farming and processing in the 1900’s. Heinz built a large tomato processing plant in 1908, which brought many jobs to the region. Leamington also has a temporary migrant worker population that swells to thousands of workers during the busy season for the greenhouse and processing industry.

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