Atlanta, GA Outreach Report

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April 13–15, 2018

“And the gospel must first be published among all nations.” Mark 13:10

Seventy-eight saints from various localities met in Atlanta, Georgia, for an outreach meeting on April 13, 2018. Three street meetings were held on Friday in the downtown Atlanta area. The streets and public transportation depot where the saints chose to set up, were bustling with people. The saints came with great boldness and much anointing and power as they testified, preached, sang, and shouted. They had full liberty as they delivered some phenomenal testimonies of deliverance from the systems of this world and of life-changing experiences. Many bystanders were amazed and in agreement with the message being sung and the righteousness declared in the testimonies and preaching. As always, there were some who opposed, but many enjoyed the presence of the saints.

Saturday afternoon, April 14, we went door to door with invitations to the meeting we were holding in the afternoon at a nearby neighborhood park. We had visitors from the surrounding community as well as people who were frequenting the park that day. There was excellent response from our visitors during and after the meeting that day. Thank the Lord! Following this, we returned to the Centennial Park area, which is a major gathering spot for the locals and tourists alike. We continued our street meeting there for more than 2 hours, staying late on the street, desiring to reach all who we could for the Lord’s sake.

On Sunday, we split into groups and visited area churches where the saints were able to reacquaint with friends from the area and make meaningful contact with souls. The saints brought greetings in testimony at several of the gatherings and sang as the Lord opened the way.

We are confident that the Word of God will not return void. People are fed up with religious confusion and are relieved to find people who teach and live by the unadulterated Word of God. As they grope in darkness, the True Light is able to be clearly seen. We anticipate the dear souls who will come leaping and shouting, home to Zion. Three families remained in Atlanta as we look for the Lord to open the way for an established work in the area.


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