Belize Outreach Report

April 13–18, 2018

Bro. Jacob Braun along with a group of 16 saints from Canada and Campeche met in Cayo, Belize, on April 13, 2018, with much anticipation to see what the Lord would do in Belize in the next week!

Belize is a very unique place with many different cultures, different backgrounds and different nationalities. You will meet many different people from all over the world in this small country of about 380,000 people.

We had a weekend meeting Friday through Sunday. The first evening Bro. Jacob preached a wonderful message on the Church. He talked about how important it is to have a personal experience with Jesus, but it should not be so personal that it becomes and “me and Jesus” relationship and excludes the Church. We had two pastors and many from their congregations attend the service.

On the second night of service the Word came forth very clearly as Bro. Jacob preached about our conscience. Everyone’s conscience is being formed by their surroundings and by what they’ve been taught, but that doesn’t mean that what their conscience tells them is right. That’s why it’s so important that our conscience will be formed by the Word of God. We had 78 visitors present in this service, which were of many different cultures.

In the last evening of our meeting the Lord sent a strong message on conviction. Bro. Jacob showed clearly the difference between true godly sorrow and the sorrow of this world. Again, we had many visitors present, and we pray that the Lord will go with them and remind them of what they have heard.

We spent much of our time visiting previous contacts and also making new ones. The people of Belize are very hospitable and many invited us over for a scrumptious, Belizean meal. We visited people that live way out in the beautiful valleys among the rolling hills where there is no electricity and there are no vehicles. We were warmly received by the people there and were able to share the Gospel with some of them.

We spent one evening with the two pastors who came out to all of our services, and had a good evening together with them. Lord willing, one of them will be able to attend our International Campmeeting next month!

Much seed has been sown and we are expecting the Lord to do a great work in Belize, as well as all of Central America and the rest of the world!


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