Benton, OH Meeting Report

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January 20–22

We are praising the Lord for a wonderful weekend meeting with Bro. Patrick O’Shea Jr. in Benton! It was a very special time. We were deeply blessed as our beloved apostle opened our understanding to the visions of Zechariah.

We had a group of saints (mostly young people) from Greenville attend the meeting. They did much to add fervency to the services.

Words would not do justice to the preciousness of the Word that was preached during this time. It was impossible to come away from this meeting without a vision of restoration and our place in it. Much spiritual work was done around the prayer bench.

Our hearts were melted together as we were both exhorted and encouraged to meet the challenges of our time. We are not fighting alone! The Two Witnesses, the Word and the Spirit, are with us. One memorable thing that Bro. O’Shea Jr. said to us at the close of the last message was, “It doesn’t matter how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ you are; what matters is what God can do through you.”

Bro. John Strizu closed the meeting with prayer and tears, a testament to how many of us felt. Thank God for the closeness of His people.


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