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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Thank God for the wonderful success He has given to His saints this weekend! The Lord blessed us mightily on the streets and in services on Saturday.

In the morning, we started off with a street meeting on Chicago’s south side, a rather bad area of town. In fact, a large percentage of Chicago’s shootings occur in that general vicinity. So, it is an area that desperately needs the help of the Lord and the saints. The area of the street meeting was close to a bus stop and train station on a busy intersection, so many people walked and drove by as we sang and testified. One brother said that we are here to start a church of God revolution! We are here to help you fight against the system that is holding you down; which is exactly what we were there to do.

When we had sung in that area for around an hour and a half, we headed back downtown to the place where we had set up the night before, right outside of “The Taste of Chicago” food festival. Many, many people walked past. The Lord loosed His saints, and helped them to testify boldly on the street. Songs were punctuated with testimonies, and another hour and a half passed before we knew it! Then we were off to have an evening church service.

The Lord blessed richly once more in the song service, as the saints leaped, shouted, and testified. Bro. Patrick O’Shea, Sr. preached a sobering message on Your Soul. Your soul is in your own hand. What are you doing with it? What would it profit a man, if he would gain the whole world and lose his own soul? The value of one soul is worth more than all this world’s riches. We cannot allow our souls and the souls of our children to be lost.

Quite a number of visitors were in attendance. Who can tell what far-reaching, eternal effects this meeting may have? Please pray for all of the many contacts that were made, the souls that received literature and tracts, and those that were at our meeting. May the Lord save many souls and raise up a mighty work here in Chicago.

Friday, July 7, 2017

The saints of God once again gathered on the streets, this time in the bustling downtown area of “The Windy City”–Chicago, Illinois. The weekend of street meetings and services started out at the Union Station, Chicago’s busy train station. Crowds of people were able to hear songs and testimonies as they made their way in and out of the building. We sang without interruption for around an hour and a half, then packed up and took a “water taxi” on the Chicago River to our next destination, “The Taste of Chicago” at Grant Park.

The Taste of Chicago is an annual event displaying some of the foods and restaurants native to the city. It is a very large event, drawing over a million visitors during the five days that it runs. As “The Taste” was closing for the evening, we again set up our sound equipment. The Lord helped His saints and came down in a mighty way as the saints sang, shouted, leaped, and powerfully testified as people poured past. Some testified how they weren’t always this way, but God had changed their life! And some boldly proclaimed that our God is still powerful enough to fully cleanse from sin! Several persons seemed very interested and stayed for nearly the whole time that we sang. We are praying for a continued outpouring of the Holy Ghost on the streets of Chicago this weekend!


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