Dublin, Ireland Meeting Report

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July 18–22, 2018

Dear Readers,

We greatly rejoice as we proclaim, to you, the way God’s wonderful power was demonstrated in Dublin, Ireland. Fifty saints came from Germany, Austria, United States, Canada, and France to support the meeting that convened July 18 through July 22. Our services were held at Abby Street Methodist Church, which was founded by Adam Clarke. John Wesley also preached for the first time in Ireland in this building.

Strong preaching, in Dublin, exclaiming true salvation with deliverance from sin resounded in the hearts of hungry souls!

A total of 34 visitors attended services while some would gaze in awe as true Holy Ghost preaching was heralded forth by Apostles Patrick O’Shea, Sr. and Ernest Benion, Jr.

Street meetings preceded our evening services with invitations for souls to come and hear the anointed truth from God’s holy word.

The saints took their liberty and sang at Temple Bar. This is an iconic region of the Dublin city center, simply described as several adjoining city blocks where many of the buildings are pubs or bars. Tourists and locals come every evening (in throngs on the weekends) to drink, filling the streets and sidewalks as they moved from one bar to the next. Hundreds of souls would stand on the streets and listen attentively as the Saints sang, testified, and shouted high praises to the King of all Kings! The very presence of God was so undeniable! The atmosphere was changed as the Saints took their liberty on the streets!


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