East Coast Tour Street Meeting Report

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On June 27, about 40 saints from four different countries arrived in Brooklyn, New York, for the beginning of a street meeting tour that would continue through July 5th, taking the group to New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

Well-known locations such as Grand Central Station, the New York Public Library, Times Square and Broadway and 34th, were the scenes of the meeting of the church of God with the people of New York City. For four days, through rain and heat the saints sang and testified for hours each day on the city streets. Large crowds gathered to hear. The saints were able to meet many people one-on-one, exchanging contact information and praying with numbers of them.

On Saturday evening, June 30th, the group arrived in Philadelphia and held a street meeting in Dilworth Park. They remained in Philadelphia through Sunday, July 1. The Lord gave the saints much liberty in worship here. The Lord loosed the saints as they rejoiced in their salvation, leaping and shouting while the people, who seemed intrigued, looked on in awe.

Sunday afternoon, the saints visited a local congregation where they were asked to sing. Many souls were touched and contacts made.

Monday evening’s street meeting took place along Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. People there were visibly touched by the singing and obvious moving of the Holy Spirit.

Tuesday evening, street meeting took place at the Union Station in D.C. Many souls were deeply touched by the message in the spirited testimonies and preaching.

Wednesday was a somewhat busy day for the saints, who set up at Lafayette Square in front of the White House. Many religious groups were speaking, handing out literature supporting their agenda, and chanting. The saints’ singing and testifying drew many people who listened with great interest.

Later, after an afternoon of rest, the National Mall was the scene of the saints’ gathering. They sang as thousands of people gathered to watch the spectacular fireworks display.

The finale to the East Coast Street Meeting tour was every bit as spectacular as the fireworks display! As the people dispersed, The Battle Hymn of the Republic was sung, followed by several other songs. Hundreds of people saw and heard the saints. Many stayed to watch and listen for about half an hour as the saints rejoiced and testified.

We thank the Lord for how He blessed and helped us during these street meetings. We pray He continues to follow after the souls who saw and heard the saints this last week.


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  1. I really wanted to meet with your group in Brooklyn/NYC, but didn’t know where exactly the Street meetings were going to be held. Maybe next time…


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