Guadalajara, Mexico Outreach Report

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Guadalajara, Mexico 

This past Thursday and Friday, the 30 and 31 of March, historic downtown Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, was stunned by the appearance of the church of God. The plaza was packed with people casually strolling through the park enjoying their weekend vacation for Semana Santa (Holy Week or Easter Week, decidedly Roman Catholic in origin). As the saints began to sing, attention was turned away from phones, clowns, and musicians and toward the biggest demonstrationn of Holy Ghost power Jalisco has ever seen! Freedom in the Spirit overtook the saints who had gathered from Durango, Chihuahua, Baja California, Jalisco, and Zacatecas for the largest Restoration outreach in Guadalajara ever!

The saints enjoyed themselves so much! From all sides, brothers and sisters pressed in to have the opportunity to testify. The singers sang their voices out! The plaza was filled with people “dressed like penguins” leaping and shouting! Passers-by stopped passing us by and became on-lookers, a constant audience for an hour and a half of glory; they had to see why everyone was so happy. They listened with attention as very light-skinned people and very dark-skinned people, and people of hues of skin in between, testified to them of freedom from the systems of the enemy and of the glorious life we have in the church of God.

The services were so good, I feel like the very stones of the plaza wanted to cry out, but the saints were doing such a good job crying out themselves that the stones stayed put! We are praying that many souls come out to the services this Sunday.


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