International Camp Meeting 2010 Report

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May 22, 2010

Bro. Ray Tinsman
Shining Faces

We are facing pressure by some to accept experiences that haven’t produced a shining face. When Moses met God his face was shining afterwards. Have you been changed? In our day people claim to be slain in the spirit and have a dark face – not the Holy Spirit. Outward changes don’t save, you need Jesus – He will take care of the outward. Have you left your first love? It’s not too late – be changed by an experience that will give you shining face.

Sis. Susan Mutch
How Is Your Obedience

The gospel is tailor-made for each of us. Angels are ascending and descending from heaven with the Word of God. The Lord wants each of us to make it to heaven and He is expecting each of us to obey His Word. Are you awake? This gospel fits all generations and all locations.

May 23, 2010

Bro. Randy Hargrave
Faith with Works

Saying you have faith has many implications. Faith produces works! After you believe, immediately you begin to do things no one has told you to do. Works provide the proof of your faith. Don’t stifle when the Lord urges you to do something. If you have faith, allow God to move you and exercise your faith. You will grow by obedience. If you don’t have faith, don’t resort to works – works alone will not save you.

Bro. Stephen Hargrave
Salvation from Sin

Salvation is available to us that will save and deliver you from all committed sin now and in the future. When we are truly saved we will be a new creature and sin will have no part in our lives.

May 24, 2010

Bro. Allen Bontrager
Why Delay?

You have been provided with a golden opportunity to get your help – why delay? This is your time to get what you need. There is no need to wait for days while you linger when you know that you have an unmet need or need to be saved.

Bro. Benjamin Tovstiga
The Yoke

God promises that His yoke is easy. But, there is a yoke – He makes that clear. Yokes are very restrictive and confining. This is for your own protection and safety. Cornering an animal brings out the worst in it, people are much like that. Then it shows what you are really made of. Kiss the Son and all that comes with the Son – Psalm 2.

May 25, 2010

Tuesday morning, hundreds of saints went to Greenville for a 2 hour street meeting in downtown with live singing and much distribution of Christian literature and invitations to the camp meeting.

Bro. John Strizu
An Experience of Fire

God answers by fire. Every true experience of salvation will come by fire. Elijah’s God answered by fire and still does. The proof of your salvation will be by the fire that will be apparent in your spiritual life. Let the Lord burn up what is combustible and get the fire.

May 26, 2010

Bro. Johnny Friesen
The Wind Blew

The wind will blow to test what you have built with. It will crack your structures of mud and dirt. You must build on the rock (lively stones) in order to stand the wind, rain, and flood.

Bro. Stephen Hargrave
The Harvest

The Lord is once again sending his reapers – the ministry – to gather the wheat and the tares and do a separating work. There is no room for a white, black, one-work, or German Church of God in this time. All must come to be in complete unity and do the work the Lord has commissioned. It is a shame to see what has become of the Church of God of Bro. D. S. Warner’s time. They have lost the power and only claim the name without the Biblical authority and truth.



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