International Campmeeting 2019 West Milton, OH


Sunday, May 26 AM

With much anticipation and expectancy the first meeting of the 2019 International Campmeeting of the Church of God has begun!

After a lively time of congregational and special singing, our chief apostle, Elder D. Ray Tinsman approached the pulpit as the saints rose to their feet with shouts of joy and thanksgiving.  He greeted the congregation in the name of the Lord and unashamedly acknowledged and owned our young people for their stand against self and sin to stand true to God.

The message, But I Hate Him, began with the reading of a lengthy passage of scripture in 2 Chronicles 18. Here, two kings have an affinity and they join ranks with one another against the Syrians. They consult with prophets to see if they will have success in the battle that they are considering taking up. They call on all of the prophets except one, the prophet Micaiah, whom King Ahab declares never tells him what he wants to hear; he never prophesies anything good for the king. The disagreeable prophet Micaiah is finally consulted and as Ahab had said, he prophesies defeat for Israel and death for Ahab.

Ahab already had his mind made up before he ever consulted the prophets, he was not seeking the true will of God, but rather, he sought permission to do what he wanted to do. The Bible tells us that every man’s way is “right in his own eyes”, but rather than seeking confirmation, we should seek for a man to preach and stop us from going wrong.

In Romans, the Apostle Paul says, “I beseech you therefore, brethren…that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice.” You give your body up! You lay your body down! He says, don’t be like the world! What is the world doing? They are doing exactly what seems right or good to them, but we are to surrender self and allow God’s seers to see for us. We were never designed to see for ourselves. In Hebrews, we are told to pray for them that have the rule over us for they watch for our souls “as they that must give account.” You should seek out the preacher who is the hardest on you, not to say “I hate him”, as Ahab did, but go to him and hang on to him and do as he directs, lest, like Ahab, become a god to yourself. rs

Sunday, May 26 PM

God, through His servant and apostle, Patrick O’Shea Jr., has visited His people in a tsunami of Pentecostal glory! There are no words that do justice to the reality of His workings! There is no danger of embellishing this message, but rather a great inability to fully portray the glory in the midst! May the effects and fruits of this meeting testify to its greatness!

The title of the message was King Jesus’ Kings or Sanctified Unto Us. The subject of the message is entire sanctification or full salvation. Sanctification means to be set apart and fully consecrated.

We have dealt with sanctification, up to the recent past, as we have been influenced to deal with it by the “holiness movement”. We were taught to consecrate hypotheticals. For example, if the Lord required this or that, would you withhold it from Him? If the Lord wanted you to go here or there, would you go? If you could surrender or release what the Lord ‘might’ require of you, then you were said to be sanctified.

The burden of this message was to answer three questions. Why must we be sanctified? How are we sanctified? And to whom are we sanctified?

Why must we be sanctified? Because of man’s sin in the garden. Eve was the first feminist, trying to be like God, and Adam was the first “noodleback” man who couldn’t say no. That’s the sin of this world. The punishment for sinning against the great uncompromising, sovereign, Potentate is, of necessity, death. Death of the soul and body, death to Creation and upon all men. By nature the children of God’s wrath. A sacrifice that was greater than bulls and goats was needed to atone for this sin.

At the birth of Christ, the angels first shouted glory to God. First message, God needed to be appeased and glorified. The second message was “goodwill to men.” By God taking on humanity, man had a way to understand and connect with God! In the death of Christ the plan of the devil was to kill the MAN Christ Jesus to take away the connection. Humans cannot touch a God at a distance. Hell trembled at the thought of His resurrection and ascension. If the Son of God and son of Adam came back it would allow for humans to be partakers of divine nature, and create a new generation.

In the upper room 12 thrones were set up and about the time the Apostles took their seats there was a great blast and with great joy they realized, He’s back! At the same time the high priest was in great distress, He’s back! Now they had 120 Jesus’ running around turning the world upside down!

How do you get sanctified? It is in the same way that an electric current runs from person to person transferring power. Bro. Tinsman and the other apostles, just like the apostles in the morning time of the church, have a hold on the throne of God and you must lay hold on them to access the power. The apostles laid hands on new converts and they received the Holy Ghost. Laying hands on someone is saying, “he is mine.” You are sanctified to God by being set apart to His apostles. Sanctification must come from the throne. Paul, when he arrived in Damascus after encountering the Lord on the way, could not get it unless he got under the hands of the prophet who was connected to God. It’s not something mystical. Sanctification is always connected to the human and the divine at the throne, at the place of government.

Sanctified to whom? Scripture says “sanctified and meet for the Master’s use.” The devil wants you sanctified to a Potentate that you can neither touch nor know. You can check your sanctification by its connection to the throne. 

After the message, all who were seeking sanctification were asked to come forward if they believed in the apostles whom God has set to rule over us. Many came forward, some with weeping and great joy radiating from their faces, and the Apostles laid their hands on them. Many who believed were entirely sanctified! Praise, and honor, and glory be to God!

With joy we hail the evening light! We believe that, without a doubt, the effects of this meeting will reverberate around the world in the last and greatest spiritual shaking the world has ever seen! dk

Monday, May 27 AM

The morning’s message was brought to us by Bro. Aaron Braun of Durango, Mexico.  The message was entitled, Walk Humbly With Thy God.

The reason so many reject this place or fall away is because they have too much pride. Pride is something that will keep most people out of Heaven. It destroys unity, it separates mankind, and it leads to sin. God requires a humble heart.

Saul, who was later known as Paul, was knocked low to the ground. Then a voice told him he must go to the city to another man and be told what to do. Saul was a very educated man, yet in order to be saved, he had to be told what to do by another man. That is the only way he could be saved.

In Acts 16, Paul and Silas were in prison and after the earthquake that happened as these apostles prayed and sang praises unto God, the keeper of the prison came to them trembling, and fell down before them.

The scripture in Isaiah 57:15 talks of the Lord, the high and holy One, walking in a high and holy place with him that is of a contrite and humble spirit. That is the only way we can walk with God. We must come down!

Jesus gave the keys to the kingdom to the apostles; He gave the keys to Peter. If you want to be unlocked, you’re going to have to go to the one with the keys!

James 4:6 says, “God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.” rb “

Monday, May 27 PM

Tonight we heard a message preached by two of our ordained ministers, Bro. Lonnie Bontrager and Bro. Allen Bontrager. The message was titled, Murmurings.

Exodus 16:8 says, “For that the Lord heareth your murmurings which ye murmur against him…your murmurings are not against us, but against the Lord.”

Murmuring consists of whining and complaining. If you want to get God upset with you, murmur against His chosen vessel. You should be afraid to murmur against those whom God has chosen to be over you.

Unbelief is in the “murmuring family” and so is presumption. To presume is to doing something without permission. The preacher declared that he came to the church of God a self-willed man, now he is Restoration-willed.

We are affected by society more than we would like to admit. People believe that everyone is, or should be equal, but Jesus taught differently. Jesus said “Sit not down in the highest room, lest a more honorable man than thou bidden…”

Murmuring indicates a lack of fear of those over you and their seat, or position. rs

Tuesday, May 28 AM

The message of the Gospel cannot just be left within four walls. With that in mind, the saints boldly and with great joy took to the streets of Dayton, Ohio to share the glorious message of the Gospel. After witnessing the great damage caused by the severe thunderstorms, which spawned several tornados the night before, it gave us an even greater burden to share with the people that we care and that we are here to help the world both in word and in deed. People are hurting in many different ways, but the church of God can help in every situation.

Hundreds of saints gathered on the square of downtown Dayton to testify of an experience that has changed their lives. Despite the heat and the weariness caused by the storm activity through the night, the Saints rallied together to have a glorious street meeting that was quite something to witness. Young people testified of purity and freedom from the world. Children testified, one after the other, of being saved and having saved parents and being safe from all of the wickedness in the world. Parents rejoiced in the safety found in the church of God. Many testified of a salvation that is life-changing. The church of God is the answer for all of the problems in the world and we must boldly go forth to proclaim this gospel to the world! It is with great excitement that we anticipate seeing the benefits reaped from this street meeting in the days to come. cl

Tuesday, May 28 PM

Tuesday evening’s service began with an anointed time of lively special singing. First, the singers sang “Jesus Gave Me Water”. The saints were on their feet and dancing in the spirit as this song was followed by “Couldn’t Keep It to Myself” and “All the way to Calvary”.

After a time of prayer, Bro. Benjamin Tinsman, delivered a powerful message titled Shall I Fall Down to the Stock of a Tree? Beginning in Isaiah chapter 44, he skillfully revealed the folly of idolatry. God formed man, created the fertile soil, and caused the trees to grow by sending the warm sunshine and gentle rains. Man then took this creation that was given him by God, burned part of it in a fire to warm himself, baked bread and roasted his meat with part of it, and then took the remainder, carved out an image, and said, “Thou art my god”. Thus, they fall down to the stock of the very tree that the God of heaven made, and make IT their object of worship.

The preacher then spent some time describing the office of a prophet. This is not an easy office, and the individuals whom God has called to serve in this place are not weaklings who handle things with kid gloves. They are the ones with foreheads made hard like flint, carrying sharp sickles, and going about to do damage to anything that would exalt itself against the God of heaven. Sometimes they are wild, sometimes they cause pain to our flesh, but the end results are beautiful if they are permitted to work.

We have families that have been brought back together, husbands and wives who know their proper place, and children who are sheltered from the evils of the world. We have been given great amounts of knowledge of God’s word, understanding of the scriptures, and know what our place is in time. Because of how we have been taught, we even have a better life in the temporal sense! The saints are some of the best workers and managers that the world has.

But if we are not careful, the human tendency is to feel like we have really become something great because of our good lives. We forget that all of these things have been handed to us by the holy apostles and prophets. We came here ignorantly, knowing nothing, and were shaped and molded by God’s ministry. The preacher warned strongly, with power from heaven, and the full backing of the apostles, that we are in danger of worshipping a false god of our own making. In the same way the people Isaiah preached to took the things God gave them, and worshipped the creation rather than the Creator, we too can fall down to our blessings and worship them, feeling secure in our accomplishments, all the while failing to realize that these things were given to us, and were not due to any success of our own.

Rev 3:17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

The prayer benches were full as many felt the weight of the serious message. May God help us to stay humble! cs

Wednesday, May 29 PM

This evening’s message was brought by Bro. Byron Benion and Sis. Susy Harder. The title of their message was Is it Needful to Circumcise Them?

We live in a time when people are taught that there are significant differences between cultures and races. That one race is more intelligent than another or that one culture is less important than the other culture is fixed into our minds from our earliest  From the very beginning of the people settling the “New World” it was orchestrated by the higher powers that blacks hate whites and vice versa. They knew that if all people banded together against injustices served against them, that the people would be a formidable force and would be unstoppable. So to avoid that happening they pitted one against another based on insignificant differences. God never designed humans to be anything but of one heart.

The Native Americans were run off their land multiple times and were caused to endure unspeakable grief. They were forced to march to unknown lands so that someone “more deserving” could have their land. After all these atrocities they were then told they needed the Gospel and to become Christians. What kind of Christianity was this?

Who said an Indian has to live in a “civilized home”?

Who said a tall black man has to play in sports? Who has taught these things to the people? Why can’t we have one mind and soul regardless of skin color or background? es


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