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Sunday, July 2, 2017

On Sunday morning we packed up and started for home. Our mission wasn’t quite complete though. We stopped in Port Hope to visit the homestead and burial-place of Joseph Scriven — author of the famous hymn “What A Friend We Have in Jesus.” The tragedy that gave birth to that song is touching. Although not originally intended for publication, the song now ranks among the top ten Christian hymns. At his gravesite, and later in town, where some more saints from Aylmer joined us, we sang the beautiful song in his honour, and some of the bystanders seemed to be touched by our singing.

We are truly grateful for the tremendous opportunity and privilege to bring the Gospel to these different towns and cities, and we pray that all would allow God to accomplish exactly what He has in mind through our efforts.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Ottawa was in for a big day today and we knew it! We stepped off the bus this morning charged with new zeal to witness to the many souls we knew would be there. We saw literally hundreds and thousands of people and hundreds and thousands of people saw us. At times it looked like all of Canada must have gathered in Ottawa to celebrate Canada Day — a sea of people in whatever direction we looked!

As we waited to begin our streetmeeting, our attention was suddenly drawn to crowds of people lining a particular street. As we curiously joined the crowd, we learned that Prince Charles of England would be passing, so we waited there, hoping not just to see the Prince, but that he might have the opportunity to see us! If only the Prince and the Governor-General had known, that as the crowds cheered their beautiful procession, there were in the midst, kings and priests, ambassadors of the true King!

After this, we set up for streetmeeting, with our sound system, right close to Parliament Hill. We were there for hours — singing, witnessing, testifying, and preaching — and never once were we asked to leave. Even before we sang any song we had crowds around us just waiting for us to begin. We took a few breaks, but it was never long before people asked us to sing again. Thousands heard us in passing and many hundreds stayed a while to listen. A great deal of literature was handed out as well — one sister said that at times they couldn’t hand out the tracts fast enough, people were reaching from all around, wanting one.

Unfortunately, we had to wrap up and meet our bus again at five o’clock but we had an amazing day! We are also thankful for how the Lord kept back the predicted rain and favoured us with beautiful weather throughout the entire time we were there.

We thought this concluded our streetmeetings for the day but the Lord had a little surprise waiting for us! Later that evening, after checking into our motel in Peterborough, we were walking the streets, hoping to see, from a distance, some of the fireworks. Some others in the street, suspecting us to be a choir, requested that we sing “Amazing Grace,” which we readily did. They wouldn’t let us go after only one song but kept telling us “Just one more; just one more!” We weren’t fully prepared to hand out literature, and our voices were worn from the day’s exertion, but the Lord helped us to sing three songs, to much delight and applause.

Friday, June 30, 2017

A busload of fifty-six saints burst onto the streets of downtown Montreal this evening and surprised the crowds with powerful singing and testifying.

The timing of our arrival was undoubtedly ordained of God. Even before we got to our destination we met with people that were moved to tears at sight of the saints, commenting that it was like they saw heaven open!

Canada’s celebrating its 150th birthday resulted in densely-populated streets. The saints took advantage of this and wasted no time in setting up to sing to the hundreds of people waiting in line to enter the Notre Dame Basilica.

Unfortunately, because some didn’t know what to do with so many shining faces, they attempted to discourage us twice by telling us we couldn’t sing without a permit. What they didn’t realize was that we had heaven-sent permission all along and wouldn’t be easily stopped. They sent us away twice but God worked it all out for His glory!

We relocated to the older part of town and had amazing results! The liberty and demonstration of the spirit was both powerful and convincing as several young people testified of the intense joy in salvation and the love of God toward all men!

People all around us couldn’t help but stop, listen, and gaze when they heard the rejoicing and singing of songs like “It’s Bubbling” and “It’s Wonderful to be a Christian.”

We would love to have stayed much longer but had to leave because we had to meet our bus at a certain time. We weren’t let go that easily though. On our way back, two ladies approached us and told us that they were just on their way to listen to us, so we sang a song for them right there. After that we walked, sang, and witnessed all at once until the doors of the bus closed behind us.

Many pictures were taken of us and our banner with the website address, and much literature was distributed. May the seed sown result in many thousands added to the Church, according to the plan of God!


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