New York City Outreach

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June 29–30, 2017

Praise the Lord! We would like to report victory from the streets of the Eastern United States! We began our outreach in New York City with prayer that the Lord would give us boldness and success as we embarked on our trip into the throngs of tourists and sightseers that spilled over throughout the city. We found a place to set up near a food court a few blocks down from Times Square on Thursday night and began to boldly proclaim through song and testimony the glories of our God and King. People were very receptive, and we were thanked for our message by the people running the food stand behind us. As we proceeded up the street, the crowds thickened–a jostling pleasure-seeking mass intent on their evening enjoyment and sightseeing. We located a spot to set up our sound system directly across from the NYPD station. Here we found ample opportunity to sing, preach, and testify for about an hour while many thousands came within hearing distance of our end-time gospel message. We were eventually informed that our presence with amplification and without a permit was not in accordance with New York law.

Friday morning after Sis. Oppel’s specific prayer for publicity through the local media, we headed out on the subway for Prospect Park.

A little disappointed at the small number of people in the park, we walked out onto the street and were immediately approached by a reporter who requested pictures and interviews for his periodical—the New York magazine, circulation 400,000. These interviews are only done every 6 months and we knew the Lord had answered the prayers that had ascended that morning from His children. We proceeded to sing for the reporters and also responded to an encore from those that gathered around. We then sang in Prospect Park for a varied audience.

Friday night we returned to Times Square and set up our sound system on the street directly across from the bleachers in the center of Times Square. With prayers for mercy from the police, we began our outreach hoping to get in a short, powerful presentation before being asked to leave. Glory to God! We amazingly were able to sing for more than a solid hour before we were asked to leave. We happily complied,amazed at the privilege we had been given to sing and present the gospel to the thousands of pleasure-seeking, thronging masses.


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1 thought on “New York City Outreach”

  1. Today I was on 34th street in manhattan. It was a truly blessing hearing gods music. Hearing everyone Testimony was a blessing. One of the brothers pray with me in the street,


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