Ontario, California Meeting Report

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The meetings of the year 2019 began in Ontario, California, USA. From Thursday, January 3, through Sunday, January 6, Apostle Addison Everett delivered the word of the Lord. A summary of this meeting follows.

January 3, 2019

The thrust of tonight’s message can best be interpreted as The Deceptiveness of the Protestant Spirit and Its Influence on the World.

Looking back through time, there have always been Patriarchs or Fathers who were in positions of authority among the people. Well-known men such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jacob and Moses were Patriarchs. These men were known to give blessings to their children. Within the blessings some children were lifted up and some were put down and one was always blessed to carry on in the patriarchal position of authority within the family. This is the way it had been down through time.

When Jesus came in the power of God and went about teaching and doing good, He made His claim to be the Son of God and He sat down on His throne or His rightful place of authority and He appointed 12 apostles. After the death of Jesus, one of His apostles, Paul, warned the church that grievous wolves would arise and that apostasy would come. As a result of this apostasy, the wrong people took the rightful place of rulership.

Later in time, Catholicism arose, followed by Protestantism. Historically, the Catholic popes were wicked men, morally corrupt. These men did much damage, spiritually as well as physically. Protestantism attacked the idea that there is a ruler or a position of authority, putting forth the idea that every man is right in his own eyes and a pope or father is no longer needed. The problem with this is that there have always been patriarchs in every generation. Protestantism made every man an island or every man his own patriarch, which separated Christians into hundreds of divisional sect groups. The truth that is understood by Protestants is separated from God’s governmental order and disconnected from the original patriarchal system. While Catholicism is wrong and many of their teachings are false, their understanding about the patriarchal system is correct. The incongruity lies in the fact that the wrong man, a corrupt man, sits in the patriarchal seat.

Protestantism has done more damage than we know. It promotes the thought that no one is going to tell me what to do. It is a system of anarchy and lawlessness under the guise of enlightenment.

January 4, 2019

Vicarius Christi is the title of tonight’s message. This is a Latin title which being interpreted means, “Substitute Christ” or “In the place of Christ.”

Continuing on from last night’s message, it was reiterated that the time period when Catholicism was in power was definitely a wicked and spiritually dark time. We are not upholding Catholicism at all, yet like most false religion, not everything taught was wrong. What was taught in the Catholicism regarding the seat of authority was correct. So, we see that the wrong person was sitting in the right seat.

History portrays to us that Protestantism is better or more enlightened than was Catholicism, but in Protestantism the seat of government is completely removed. In the book of Revelation, the 7th beast, which represents the Protestant era, made an image to the 6th beast, representative of Catholicism. This depicts Protestants actually worshipping the Catholic beast.

If you control the writing of history, you control the ideas that people have and you can expose or hide truth as you choose. Protestants, largely, wrote the history books, controlling what was portrayed and influencing our world view. We have been taught that a man sitting in the place of Christ is a blasphemous thought. Protestants have taught this to us. In 2 Corinthians chapter 2, the “man of sin” is mentioned and he is referred to as “that Wicked”, speaking of his character and the condition of his soul. You don’t want a wicked man sitting on a throne. You want a righteous man seated there.

In Exodus chapter 4, God told Moses that Aaron, his brother, would become his spokesman to the people and that Moses would stand in God’s stead to Aaron. Moses was God to Aaron and Aaron was Moses’ mouth to the people. While Moses did not become God, he did speak with God face to face and Moses stood between God and the people so that they could receive instruction and know the mind of God.

We are referred to as Christ’s ambassadors in 2 Corinthians 5, with God beseeching souls through us to be reconciled to Him. We are instead of Christ to souls. Christ is vicariously calling to and inviting souls through us. Jesus came back to work through the 12 apostles. Jesus did not leave the world to fend for itself. The apostles were to bind things on earth and heaven would back them up. 2 Corinthians  2:10, Paul says, “To whom ye forgive any thing, I forgive also: for if I forgave any thing, to whom I forgave  it, for your sakes for gave I it in the person of Christ.” The Apostle Paul forgave in the place of Christ.

We need to stay with the Biblical understanding that the promises of God were always made through the Patriarchs. God is restoring His church to the apostolic power and glory fitting for the Son of God to receive at His second coming.

January 5, 2019 PM

Bro. John Friesen preached this evening. The message is titled, Make Not My Father’s House an House of Merchandise.

In John chapter 2, Jesus went to Jerusalem and into the temple. He overturned the tables and drove out some who were there. They were changers of money, merchants, and they were getting rich off of the business of the church, benefitting themselves. The Lord told them that His house was not a place for that.

We have a ministry in the church of God that is standing between us and the 8th beast that is ruling in this time. We have benefits from this that most people only dream of. We have good, solid families and good schools for our children with teachers that don’t push a homosexual lifestyle. We have a place where children are able to be children.

Salvation is not given to us so that we can have the loaves and fishes, the provisions and benefits alone, but rather it is for us to give; it’s an opportunity to sacrifice. In James chapter 5 we read about the rich. Rich men heap treasure together, but it is not good. We are not to hold onto our possessions and live self-centered lives. We cannot do that and effectively do the work that is before us. It is not only money that we have to give, we each have time and abilities that the Lord wants to use to save souls. Time is short. Eternity is in view. The second coming of Christ is at hand. Position yourself to be of use to the Lord, do that by truly giving everything that you have to the Lord. Don’t live sumptuously and selfishly. Give, that the apostles and ministry can be free to preach to and save a lost world. Let the Lord use you today.

January 6, 2019

Bro. Addison returned to the pulpit tonight and closed out this four day meeting with a touching message from the Lord entitled, Compassion.

“But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd” (Matthew 9:36).  Christ was moved, He felt their pain. Sin has brought about all of the world’s problems, and today the world is a cold place full of needy and troubled people.

It is easy to become complacent in our own spiritual experience. We love the church of God, we love our unity, our Bible standards, our families and marriages and all of the other benefits of salvation. That is good, but we cannot become religiously callous. Don’t be self-serving. Don’t seek you own ambition and self-elevation. While it’s easy to point to denominations and see what they are doing, and mock, there are real people in those places who need our help, they need our understanding.

People need people who will hurt with them, weep with them, listen to them, hear the cries of their spirit and be touched with the feeling of their infirmities. Jesus understood this; He was a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief.

To be a good soul-winner, you must be good at listening and caring. Be sensitive and touched by the pain of the brokenhearted. People can tell if you are genuine or not. Compassion will win the broken world that we live in.

We thank the Lord for a wonderful beginning to the meetings of the church of God in 2019. We trust the Lord to help us to measure up to the Word that we have received, that He may be glorified and the kingdom advanced. Amen.


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