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July 1–2, 2017

We arrived in the “City of Brotherly Love” the evening of, Saturday, July 1st, amidst torrents of rain. Outside of our motel the street was blocked off by police cars for blocks in preparation for the Philadelphia Food Festival, a yearly event that draws many, many thousands of people. As the Lord cleared up the rain and the food stands reassembled, we approached the crowded streets with a certain amount of trepidation—police officers, security guards, and even K-9 units were thronging the area, and you could not go a single block without encountering multiple officers. We found a spot halfway between the live entertainment and the DJ where we hoped to be heard above the blasting night music and hastily set up equipment hoping to get in a short but effective outreach before being shut down. To our amazement, the police officers that approached us before we could sing a single note, not only had no problem with us setting up, but also suggested a place for us. For much of our time a couple of officers stood right next to us, and the many that passed by seemed to enjoy and support our message even telling us that this is what their city needs. The songs of “Amazing Grace”, “Jesus Loves Me”, and “Victory in Jesus” along with many others were received in various ways—some jeered, some stopped to listen and ask questions, some ignored us altogether, but overall a great sense of amazement pervaded the atmosphere that such a message was being blasted through the streets of Philadelphia. We were asked if we were Amish, from Lancaster County, and even addressed as the ones who had founded the City (Quakers). Once again thousands came within hearing of our end-time message and hundreds of tracts were handed out.

Next stop was the Liberty Bell where we again sang to many curious onlookers and made additional contacts. Thank God for granting to His servants great boldness and success in this city! May the Lord continue to water the seed that was sown and bring in a myriad of souls through the efforts of His people!!


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