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July 2–4, 2017

“But the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.” Dan.11:32.

Sunday evening July 2nd we arrived in the U.S. capital of Washington, D.C. Monday morning we came tumbling out of the Fairfield Inn, ready to proclaim the truth and tear down the systems of religion that are entangling so many souls. We set up our sound system outside Union Station, a subway station which is one of Washington’s busiest and best-known places, visited by twenty million people a year. A grand, historical structure, it was lined with rows of tour buses and taxis loading and unloading, and long lines of people stood waiting for rides. It was also home to an assortment of street people, trash, and the smells of city life. With all liberty we sang, preached, and testified. As we brought service into the middle of the milling masses, Heaven came down evidenced by shouting, leaping, and raising of holy hands. The preachers were granted all boldness as they proclaimed the message of freedom from the system, true women’s liberation, living the dream, and true independence.

At one point after a long period of solid singing and preaching, we packed up our equipment and went inside the station for a period of refreshment. We had no sooner gotten inside than we were informed that the entire building was being evacuated–a fire alarm had gone off. As the evacuated throngs gathered in front of Union Station, weariness was forgotten as we seized the opportunity of a captive audience, quickly regrouped, and started up again. We handed out hundreds of pieces of literature in a just a few minutes; many recipients were workers from Amtrak and the stores inside who welcomed a break and now had a chance to witness the saints. One of the women we met here had already gotten a tract from us at the food festival in Philadelphia and was very surprised to see us again!

Tuesday July 4th, we were delayed by van trouble, but we were not willing to leave the nation’s capital without holding a street meeting on Independence Day. We went back to Union Station and then continued on to the Capitol Building where we sang the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and “Amazing Grace” in front of the steps. The officer standing guard at the bottom expressed his appreciation for our presence and admitted that their city is falling apart. He had already heard about us from many of the ones who saw us at Union Station. Not only did we get pictures of the saints on the steps, but several other tourists took our picture there too.

Truly we have to confess that our first eastern tour of the United States was granted great, end-time success. As we witnessed the thousands of pieces of literature handed out, the hundreds of pictures, videos, and recordings taken of the saints, many points of contact gathered, as well as the hundreds of extra hits on our website, surely we have to say we have no idea whereunto the work done in these few short days will grow. May the Lord continue to water the seed that was sown and use it to gather many souls into the fold, thereby speeding the consummation of this final seventh-trumpet work. Amen!


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