Winkler, Manitoba Outreach Meeting Report

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Saturday, February 25

Greetings Friends, I would like to report to you of an absolutely wonderful outreach service we had in Winkler last night. Evangelist, Bro. Stephen Hargrave, from Indiana, USA, has come to hold us a meeting here in Steinbach, Manitoba, technically starting tomorrow. But since he came early, we all headed out to Winkler yesterday for an outreach service with him.

The saints were all very excited to see Bro. Hargrave again. The service started off with some singers leading the congregation in singing, “The Grace of God,” followed by several other songs. The saints were especially blessed as the words “Mein Gott, ich bin entschieden, auf Ewig bin ich dein!” (My God, I am determined, forever I am yours) rang out in song. Many were on their feet with uplifted hands as the next song, “He Lifted Me” was sung.

After prayer, the saints were deeply moved by the songs the special singers sang, “Jesus Saves,” and “He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need.”

Bro. Hargrave then got up and preached with much liberty and anointing on Two or Three Eunuchs. He took his text from 2 Kings 9:30-33, the account of the eunuchs throwing wicked Queen Jezebel down through the window. He caught the attention of the whole audience in an amazing way.

We cannot waste time on people who will not move. Few, compared to the entire world population, will be saved. But we believe that there will be many people who will gladly take this way. And few can be one million, two million; and don’t you doubt that for a moment. There are ALWAYS people who will gladly accept God’s judgments. There are people out there who would put us to shame if they could be here! They would jump at the chance. Jehu was saying “Who is on my side?” Notice he did not say “Who is on God’s side?” because his side was God’s side in executing judgment. Jehu did not get a rope and try to climb up and get Jezebel. He thought, “There must be someone in there who God has been talking to.” So he just called out, and two or three eunuchs looked out. We have no record that they ever said anything; they just looked out. Just to test whether they were really on his side, Jehu told them, “Throw her down.” And they threw her down! There are people just waiting to hear “Who is on my side?”  There are people who are waiting to do whatever the ministry tells them; waiting for the sound of God’s judgments. We are looking for the people who are “looking out” like the eunuchs did.

There are some people who are actually considering whether or not they should do what the ministry is telling them; they’re talking with their husbands, etc. The people in Malachi 3 were talking to one another about the goodness of God’s judgments and they decided to change so that they wouldn’t be cursed (Malachi 3:16-18). The only way to discern between the righteous and the wicked is to decide not to be wicked yourself.

Rahab, the harlot, made it into the same list with Moses in Hebrews chapter 11! These people don’t always look like you’d expect them to. There are radical people out there who WANT this way, and they need to meet someone as radical as they are. We need to fill our full potential so that we can help the people who will come this way.

There was a lot of shouting throughout the message. Many saints were on their feet, a number of them leaping, as the Word came forth with rich anointing and much power. It gave us a renewed burst of courage to continue to reach out to all the souls around us. At the end of the message Bro. Hargrave asked the congregation to stand, and we closed the service with a word of prayer.

Please come and join us in this coming week of meeting with Bro. Stephen Hargrave! We are anticipating much more of the glorious, Holy Ghost-filled worship we had in Winkler, and if you come join us, you will not be disappointed!


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