Does Faith Exempt You?—An Answer to Pastor Marshall

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It is sad to witness the fulfillment of the words of the Apostle Peter when he said that there are those who “wrest” the Scriptures “unto their own destruction” (II Peter 3:16). Sadly, this is what Pastor Keith Marshall has done in his article entitled “What does your faith exempt you from?”

Let it be known that all true Christians love their neighbors as themselves, and on account of the constraining power of agape love, lay down their lives for the brethren (I John 3:16).

Truly, Christians are compelled to go to any reasonable lengths to help preserve the health and lives of their fellow men.

There is a preponderance of evidence that suggests that the positive function of vaccines and masks is contestable at best and lethal at worst. The survival rate of COVID-19 is tremendously high. If the world’s billionaires and government officials were truly concerned about the health and general well-being of the people, it would be obvious and unmistakably clear. The fact is quite the opposite. It is clear to us and millions of others that the motivations behind vaccine and mask mandates are greed, exploitation, profiteering, engineered divisiveness, and oppressive control. By subscribing to and supporting the COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandate agenda, we would actually be helping to perpetuate oppression, which is in direct opposition to our divine commission to deliver the oppressed.

Wearing a mask to save the lives of those around us would be such a petty price to pay. We would not think twice before donning them, if they really helped save lives.

God does not contradict His own commandments. He will not require His children to compromise one divine directive in order to live another. Some children of God have a conviction not to be injected with a substance that they understand will defile their body (the temple of God) and compromise their health. These Christians should rest assured that God does not require them to receive a vaccination that has failed in its efficacy, has directly contributed to the hurt and death of thousands, and is massively enriching wicked men who are consuming the proceeds from their investment upon the lusts of their flesh.

It is only right to allow a Christian to sincerely claim a “Religious Exemption” from involvement in activities that lack proof of effectiveness, undermine health, relationships, and holistic wellness, and are constituent elements of an oppressive agenda. Faith in Christ will motivate us to stand against oppression of any form.

We kindly but firmly remind Pastor Marshall to “judge not” lest he be judged.

Portrait of Apostle Benjamin Tovstiga

Apostle Benjamin Tovstiga


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48 thoughts on “Does Faith Exempt You?—An Answer to Pastor Marshall”

  1. I am not of your Faith but, I agree fully….. No Religious Leader should ever push his personal views on an Individual choice like vaccinations or health care especially in the world of political views being exploited so easily.
    I believe each person is worthy to seek to Lord with an honest and intent heart an ask for revelation in the matter to make a choice for themselves.
    We should learn to live as Jesus did and LOVE more often and be judgmental or condemning a little less.
    Bishop Mike DeWitt
    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Lebanon MO

    • But Apostle Benjamin just shared his personal views by accusing others of greed and claiming non-facts about the vaccine while he warns other not to accuse. Makes no sense.

      • You don’t have to dig deep into the Covid scandal to see who benifits the most from Vaccine Mandates….

      • Precisely. He’s an abject hypocrite.

        Also the Bible tells us to use or sense to discern false prophecy. By their fruits you shall know them.

        Since the pandemic has largely become a pandemic of the unvaccinated the course of wisdom is clear…vaccination for your safety and that of your neighbors is the path of the righteous.

      • “Non-facts about the vaccine”??
        Please, STOP getting your information from the Big Pharma-funded LYING mainstream media. This apostle DOWNPLAYED the deadly FACTS about the “vaccine,” and if you were not trusting the Prince of the Power of the Air (waves?), then you’d know this too. Stop consuming mainstream propaganda. The corporations are LYING to you.

      • Actually these are true facts if you know where to look. OI work in healthcare and can tell you the vaccine is causing many issues from small side effects to major problems and even deaths. Many doctors will not report the connection to VAERS but they know the vaccine was the cause.
        People who refuse to try and have an open mind to look for the truth will never be satisfied. I applaud Apostle Benajmin for calling out this pastor who is leading his flock to destruction and pushing the lie of so many evildoers. Please, please look up the VAERS numbers, look for the Zoom meeting between doctors and FDA before they decided NOT to ok the booster shot for anyone under 65. There are very valid reasons.

      • Spot on, Andre. My cousin left behind a widow and nine children two weeks ago following his pastor’s assurance that Jesus would protect his parishioners.

    • I thought another tenet of Christian faithn was not to lie
      This is a lie “There is a preponderance of evidence that suggests that the positive function of vaccines and masks is contestable at best and lethal at worst. ”
      This is a lie “a vaccination that has failed in its efficacy, has directly contributed to the hurt and death of thousands”
      “..motivations behind vaccine and mask mandates are greed, exploitation, profiteering, engineered divisiveness, and oppressive control. ” is a lie.

      • No, Rob.
        Your mainstream news sources are LYING to you. You know who is their number one funder? Ta-dah! Big Pharma!
        Stop letting corporations dictate your “facts” to you.
        What the apostle said about the deadly nature of these injections was in fact understating the facts.

      • Many Christians lie. Blinded by what they call “mass media” and thoughts of “big pharma” out to kill. Not realizing that it is they who have fallen prey to fear, misinformation and evil lurking around every corner. If a government wanted to cull a society it would have been done. Mistrust is not a reason for ignorance. Open your eyes and minds to the truth. Our saviour made man of knowledge who in turn made medicine. HE does not take life and love lightly. Your anger and lies, your denial of the truth, taking your own life and endangering others… we are all brothers

  2. 900+ followers of Jim Jones were led to their premature deaths, including babies and children. ‘Many shall be deceived, even the elect”.

  3. I am so proud to share this earth with people whom actually understand the truth… Thank you for your article. Praying over you as I sure many are attacking you for speaking truth in this world of lies…

  4. Your piece is filled with disinformation and misinformation . . . The only way we will stop this pandemic is through masks and vaccination . . . Millions have died because of people that think they know better than a doctor who job it is to save the lives of others . . . It hasn’t cost you a dime and ne neither . . . 99.9% of the people crashing our medical systems are UNVACCINATED . . your self-centered world does not witness well for our Christian faith . . . You gave no scriptural support for your statements . . . Keith Marshall used the Word . . . and he used it well . . .

    • What Pastor Marshall did is cherry pick Bible versus to suit his argument and take verses out of context. I would humbly suggest anyone to read the entire books of the Bible Philippians, Galatians and Matthew to understand true context. Sadly, many water down the Bible. Do not be deceived, read scriptures and be a berrean and test all scriptures that ANY pastor preaches. The Bible says that many will be deceived because many come in sheep’s clothing but are ravenous wolves. I pray for spiritual discernment.

      • from now on, whenever a Christian attempts to use the Bible to explain their world-view, I will repeat your comment. It’s so easy to say that someone with whom you disagree, has “cherry-picked” and “taken words out of context”. You are the wolf and the deceiver, and you don’t even realize it.

        The only reason you yourself haven’t used any bible verses to defend your selfish denial of vaccines and masks is surely that there are no bible verses that apply.

      • Talk about using pieces of the bible to your own means. I believe the pastor holds more credibility than you dear Claudia.

    • Did you know that the CDC only considers one to be fully vaccinated two weeks after the jab? If someone dies within those two weeks from adverse effects then they are counted as unvaccinated and as a Covid death.

      • What does you comment have to do with this article? Is this random fact evidence for a point you want to make?

    • Glenda
      Your mainstream media is LYING to you.
      The truth and the facts are completely opposite what they are telling you. Turn back. You’re going off a cliff of genocidal propaganda. Please.

    • Masks DO NOT WORK. Let’s look at some examples for proof. Harvard Business school allows only unvaccinated students on campus and masking yet they had an outbreak large enough to have to go to distance learning.
      Israel has a 90% vaccine rate yet their numbers are growing for Covid and many going into the hospital and even on ventilators.
      Sweden who did not masks nor shut down the country has no real numbers of Covid nor does Denmark. Why is that?
      Instead of not wanting to believe everything you have been told is wrong, keep an open mind and start looking at hard facts. If amsks worked we would have no Covid numbers. If the vaccine worked no one who was vaccinated would be contracting it. They keep changing their stories and moving the goal posts. Ask yourself why. Go look for Dr. Robert Malone. He is on Twitter and you may still find video of him on Youtube. He discovered mRNA vaccines. He knows what he is talking about I assure you. Go read up and then come back and tell us Apostle Benjamin is wrong.

  5. Thank you so much, Apostle Benjamin Tovstiga, for your wonderful inspired message in response to article written by Pastor Keith Marshall, titled “What Does Your Faith Exempt You From?” I so agree with your reply and very much appreciate you standing on the truth when so much deceit and error is being propagated in these times when so much truth is being censored. God bless you and strengthen you as you share His truths that set us free. Carmen Bergeron

  6. I prayed about this so-called vaccine and a simple question God placed in my mind that He wanted me to answer, “Is God OK with a vaccine that has killed at least 15,000 previously healthy human lives?” Of course not! They usually take a vaccine off the shelf if there are under 100 deaths! I saw a Christian man weeping as he explained how he and his 12 year old son were convinced to trust in the vaccine. His son dropped dead 6 days later. This caused me to weep in a way I don’t normally do so, seeing him sobbing as he showed the picture of his precious little boy who was now dead. How can they shrug off those deaths as well as 100,000 seriously damaged cases? I am loving my neighbor if I warn him to not take this vaccine. But God also made it clear to me that He understands how some Christians could be convinced to trust in the jab. SO I am not to judge them, nor should they judge me. I notice how some unvaxxed Christians condemn those who get the shot. Then there’s the vaxxed saying it’s a sin not to take the jab (LIKE THIS PASTOR!) The faithful Christians are remaining undivided as the one body of Christ whether vaxxed or not vaxxed.

    • No vaccine is guaranteed 100% safe. But BILLIONS of people have taken the vaccine now, and even in cases where there were adverse reactions, the vast majority of those people recovered within minutes or hours. Even if your 100,000 of “serious damage” people had instead DIED, and you could PROVE that the vaccine was the cause, 100,000 out of just 1 billion would be 0.001% fatalities. Multiple billions of people have taken the vaccine, and the deaths that MIGHT be vaccine related are in the thousands, not even the tens of thousands, meaning that even if you were correct about the numbers, (which I don’t believe you are) the vaccine causes death something like 0.0003% of the time.

      It is true that the virus has no serious effect on 80% of the people who get it, but the other 20% suffer a huge range of problems, the mildest being a severe flu-like illness for half a week or longer. Many of those people then have physical or mental problems for MONTHS afterwards. Some of those people spend weeks in the hospital in terrible pain, barely able to breath. And out of 219 million Covid cases world-wide, 4.5 million people have died. That’s more than 2%. One out of every 50 people. Maybe that’s hard to picture. After all, if you had a room with 50 people in it, and you took one out of the room, who would even notice?

      But imagine if we had NEVER developed a vaccine, and just let the virus spread without taking ANY precautions: 2% of the US would be 7 million people dead. 2% of the world would be 160 million dead. And that’s not even counting all the people who would have died because there’s no room in most hospitals to treat other problems. If everyone vaccinated, we could end this virus in a few months… without a vaccine, we would be dealing with this virus for who knows how many years. This is what the vaccine is fighting to prevent.

      You claim without any evidence, that 15,000 people have died from the vaccine, but 2,000 people in the US alone, are dying from the virus every single day, and almost ALL of those people are unvaccinated. In ONE WEEK, the number of people who die in the US from the virus, beats the number that you CLAIM died from the vaccine. And it will continue to happen that way, every week, until enough people have the viral antibodies in their systems.

      Your story about the father and his dead son is tragic, but there are THOUSANDS of those tragedies playing out every day now, because of the virus. Like the poor teenage girl in Texas who went to visit her grandparents, not knowing that she was sick, and then had to be rushed to the hospital, where she spent weeks in agony, and barely survived, only to find out, when she was finally awake enough to be told, that she had passed the virus to her grandfather, and he had also spent weeks in the same hospital, and died just a couple days before she began to recover?

      Lastly, the pastor did not say “not taking the vaccine is a sin”. He said that using the name of God to JUSTIFY not taking the vaccine, would be taking the Lord’s name in vain. I agree with him. Using “religious exemption” as an excuse not to take the vaccine would be about the most un-Christian thing a Christian could do.

    • Kevin, your statement is misleading at best and false/lie at worst.
      VAERS is a reporting system designed to evaluate the association between vaccination and bad outcomes including death. When death occurs shortly following vaccination, data is collected so that further investigation might occur in order to discover whether the vaccine caused or contributed to the death. The fact that death occurred suggests a correlation but does not prove causation. The data Tovstiga reports in this article are “raw” which means we do not know whether the deaths are anecdotal or causal. 15,000 people died after receiving the vaccine but not necessarily (and not likely) as a result of the vaccine. It is vital to use scientific valid practice to analyze the data. A classic example of this concept is:
      During the summertime people eat more ice cream.
      During the summer, more people go swimming which means the risk of drowning increases.
      Does that mean that ice cream causes drowning?

  7. “There is a preponderance of evidence that suggests that the positive function of vaccines and masks is contestable at best and lethal at worst.”
    This is a lie.

    • Tovstiga’s article is passionate and without support other than opinion. Most of people who like his article can only say they agree or they like what he says. Their comments are without substance, fact or reason. It appears to be all about emotion and feeling.
      Another theme I notice is that because some media outlets are influenced by hype and ratings, we can not believe anything they report. Fortunately, Americans have access to multiple news sources. We are not limited to FOX or MSNBC or CNN. We have NoPo, News Without Politics, POTUS, International Breaking News.

      • I suggest you go do some research from Dr. Robert Malone who invented the mRNA vaccine and see what he has to say…and he invented it!
        Also many nurses are reporting plenty of people coming into the hospital (more so than usual) with blood clots and heart attacks, strokes yet the doctors will not correlate it to the vaccine nor report it to VAERS yet they are seeing many more than usual. Coincidence?
        I feel if people want the vaccine, fine but NO ONE should ever be coerced or forced to put something in their body they do not want to!

  8. Thank you for a very well written response. It all comes down to we need to stop attacking and hating others and show love. I have been working alongside many selfless individuals taking care of patients for over 40 years in a major trauma hospital. We each respect each other’s decisions on whether to vaccinate or not. No matter the decision, we will always take every safety measure to ensure our patients receive the best care and have the best possible outcome. We wore the same single use mask for over 2 months before we received a new one during the pandemic last year. We still work extra shifts, longer hours and work extra areas to help with patient care. The shortages are not all from ‘non vac’ patients but workers who are tired of the horrible attitude of patients and their families who seem to believe they are the only important person out there. Ask the nurse who got punched in the face because a man didn’t like the wait times in the ER. News outlets who make up and dramatize stories to make sure they get more air time for for additional money and to see themselves on tv. The numbers you hear about between vac and non vac patients and workers are skewed. We see the truth and know what is really going on. So basically what I am trying to say is…..stop assuming, stop judging, stop blaming and just breathe. Be kind!! Pray for people, including the pastor who used his fleshly beliefs to judge me as a sinner if I don’t vaccinate.

    • He did not say you are sinning if you do not vaccinate. He says you are sinning if you do not vaccinate in the name of the Lord. His article gets to the reason you do not. It is a matter of the heart. Most “Christians” I have spoken with who have this mindset are coming from a prideful place. They stand on their “rights”
      rather than their love for others. It’s me, me, me.

  9. The. Vaccines are failing everywhere 15k dead over 500K adverse effects 50k serous injuries. Pastor Marshal you don’t serve the God I believe in seems like you are on board with the god of this world. All this for a virus that has a mortality rate of half of one percent. Wake up pastor you will be judged for leading your sheep down this wicked globalist path.

    • I have heard that there have been 15,000 deaths from the vaccine alone. Others say up to or more than 50,000. Only about 1% of side effects and deaths from vaccines are reported to VAERS. These things are dangerous. Despite what they say about being “approved”, it’s my understanding that the Pfizer vaccine is “conditionally” approved. It has to meet certain criteria yet. None of the other vaccines has even been “conditionally” approved. They are still experimental. It is horrific to think that some people have gone ahead for administering these vaccines to their children now. Like offering their child to Baal.

  10. My heart is sickened by what I am reading. Christians , people of God, not even mentioning that the science which provided these vaccines killed thousands of innocent lives! To take the vaccine is to condone the killing of thousands of unborn babies. I can’t believe a pastor would say to not take it is a sin. I am so dissapointed.
    Romans 14 vv 23
    ” (…for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.”
    Psalm 139 vv. 13-16
    ” For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mothers womb.
    I praise you because I was fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful I know that full well.
    My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place.
    When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body”

  11. i like the rebuttal, up until the end where it says about not judging lest he be judged. everything was good up til that point. if your message is in love, then why end it on an accusatory note? there was no reason for that. it makes it sound more like a testosterone-driven fight at the end, instead of the balanced rebuttal it began as. sad. but anyway. I agree with the rebuttal regardless. it just doesn’t sound good to outsiders, when you end on such a flaming note. so this rebuttal ends up doing nothing but preaching to the choir. but I get it. I get frustrated too, which doesn’t look good for our cause. sigh. how to win? only God will. whoever stands with Him, will win with Him. He looks at our hearts. the vax’s are connected to abortion. and the sheer force coming for us to take the vax, is very suspicious as well. there are plenty of reasons not to take it, and to not wear the mask, and I hesitate to say it’s “due to my religious exemption,” because it just sounds like an excuse. I’ll get down to the bare-bones of why I’m not complying. it’s not a carefully-planned speech. I just try to be real about it. I don’t claim God told me not to take it. I just used Godly discernment when making my decision. I shouldn’t have to take an injection in order to participate in society. there are plenty of rules worth following even if I don’t understand or agree with the reason behind them. like, I don’t think I should have to wear shoes to go into a business, but I’m okay with following that rule. but to inject my body with anything, that crosses the line. that shouldn’t be a thing. and to cover my nose and mouth with a mask? no I shouldn’t have to do that, either. that’s pretty gross to walk around like that. if I’m doing surgery on someone or dental work on someone, yeah, I’d wear a mask to prevent any spittle from getting on them, and to protect them from smelling anything from my breath. but I don’t do surgeries or dental work. so I don’t have a reason to wear a mask. there are rules I will follow and there are other rules I will question and I will pay the price of not complying. will I be dragged away by fema? will I be thrown into prison? will they hold me down and inject me? I don’t know the answers to these questions. but I sure am not going to follow the advice of crooked, greedy, perverse individuals that don’t at all align with my values in life. I’ll die for truth. even if I’m wrong. God sees my heart and He would rather I die for what I believe is right than for me to live based on what every big human tells me to do.

  12. You are correct.
    The vaccine, in fact, doesn’t protect anyone.
    It does not prevent the illness.
    It does not prevent transmission of the illness to others.
    It does not keep people from dying with it.
    The vaccine can cause serious side effects that end in early death, depriving people from a life of service. There are no guarantees with these vaccines. They cannot guarantee that what people get will be “less severe”. They say “may” and “might”. But the CDC definitely guarantees that some people WILL still get sick and die from it, even though they have been vaccinated.

  13. I would very much like to have a copy of this wonderful response to Pastor Keith Marshall. I know many people who desperately need to see this. God bless you, sir, for standing for the truth.

  14. All the medical evidence is that the vaccines 1) reduce the probability of catching covid19, at least halving it. 2) reduce the probability of serious illness, by a factor of at around 10. 3) Reduce the probability of death by close to 99%. That is scientific papers, mainly governments sponsored, not media nor pharmacy companies. Hospital administrations give similar numbers. This is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated.


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