Ontario, California, USA

Portrait of Apostle Ernest Benion, Jr.
Bro. Ernest Benion, Jr., Pastor

On behalf of the church of God at Ontario, California.

We can no longer consent to the Governor’s recommendations which have made church non-essential. The State of California has extended its reach beyond the founding fathers’ intended limits of governance and we intend to civilly disobey. With all due respect, as we are taught by the word of God, it is better to obey God than man. We will continue to enjoy the liberties guaranteed by our constitution, both local and federal, to worship God, together.

As an Elder in the local community, I would like to publicly thank Mayor Paul S. Leon for his leadership and common-sense approach to policing our communities. We believe that the citizens of Ontario have responded appropriately, respectfully, and considerately. Thus, the burdens of a fallen economy, unemployment, and the recent interruption to public worship have been relatively light.

To all of you whose pastors have closed the doors of your meeting house, we understand. If you are a lover of truth, an honest soul, and you want the joys of fellowship, you are cordially invited to join us. To those who are in duress concerning your local school going virtual, we are now accepting applications, K-5, for the Church of God Academy (a homeschool cooperative). Please submit your request for application on our website at http://churchofgod.academy/.

Elder Ernest Benion, Jr.

Greetings from the Pastor

In October 1982, a small group of saints left Anderson church of God due to the compromise, spiritual deadness and sin in the midst.  Under the pastorship of Bro. D. W. Layne, the new congregation prospered in holiness and unity.  Since then, many who have been distressed and discontented with false religion, have heeded the call to “Come out of her my people” and have taken their stand with the church of God.

At the time of Bro. Layne’s passing, we were assembling in a meeting house in Upland, CA.  Recently, the Lord allowed us to purchase a larger facility and we have since moved to Ontario, CA.  Our children and young people are happy, zealous, and radical for God.  Many labor in the mission field after finishing their education.  Our families are stable, loving, and intact.  If you are tired of the systems of religion and are wanting to experience pure religion and undefiled, we say, “Come and see!”

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About Ontario

Ontario is a city located in southwestern San Bernardino County, California, 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. As of the 2010 Census, the city had a population of 163,924, making it the county’s fourth most populous city. It takes its name from the Ontario Model Colony development established in 1882 by the Canadian engineer George Chaffey and his brothers William and Charles. They named the settlement after their home province of Ontario, Canada.