Meeting Report Oklahoma City 2017


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November 25, 2017 PM

This evening Apostle Henry Hildebrandt preached a practical message on The Lord’s Money.

No true minister of God will ever get rich by preaching the gospel. We do not pass the plate after the message is preached.

2 Samuel 7:1–3 David had a desire that he would not have a house that was better than what the Lord had.

What God has blessed you with is not all yours. If you want to spend a lot of money for unnecessary things, can’t you at least match it and give an equal amount to the Lord? The apostles are ready to go and preach the gospel; they just need money. When you use money, ask yourself, “Am I spending the Lord’s money?” This work of God would not function if everyone just gave 10%. If you want to first pay everything else and then see what’s left, there won’t be anything left for the work of God.

You do not always have to get the latest phone. Technology wants to make you a slave to Cain’s business. Apostle Layne said that 50% of people’s battles are rooted in financial affairs. We are a spoiled generation. Why would it be easy to spend money on anything but the work of God?

Acts 4:35 Church of God preachers are not salaried preachers. We do not take the money that is laid at our feet as personal gain, but we use it all for the spreading of the gospel. The work of God needs a lot of prayer, but prayer alone is not enough. Prayer and money do great things.

Malachi 3:8-12

If you give, the Lord will increase your income. Do not forget about the Lord’s money.

November 24, 2017 PM

This evening a powerful message was brought forth by Apostle Patrick O’Shea, Jr., Bro. Jeremiah Estrada, and Bro. Branden McReynolds on Finis Evangelium–The End of the Gospel.

In due season Christ died for you and me, who were sinners without hope. Salvation is a genius plan.

Genesis 3:15

Here we see the beginning of the workings of the eighth beast. Christ is speaking to the serpent of a vengeance to come. This is the first message of hope to mankind after the Fall. This promise was to deliver us from the workings of the beast.

Romans 16:20

The eighth beast has always known that there must be a throne set up. The burden of the beast has been to remain on that throne.

Exodus 1:10, 16

The eighth beast has worked from the very beginning to thwart the prophecies of God. The Egyptians knew the prophecy and did all they could to stop it from being fulfilled. They tried to take away the masculinity from the Israelites because they knew the prophecies could not be fulfilled if there were no men. Daniel 1:4–7

Isaiah 39:7 Babylon made eunuchs out of the Israelites to strip them of their masculinity. Daniel and his friends were the ones who should have been leaders in Israel. Nebuchadnezzar wanted the intelligent men, the leaders. The eighth beast has always worked to make men effeminate.

Revelation 18:1–4

All through history there have been men that were the embodiment and the voice of oppression. Charles Dickens’ writings illuminated injustices that were set upon the people of his time. Mighty men like Malcom X became famous for being the voice to articulate the oppression placed on mankind. Johnny Cash said, “I wear black for the poor and the beaten down.” These men fell victim and were swallowed up by the same thing they were supposedly fighting against.

God’s ears have always been open to the cry of the oppressed, and He has raised up mighty men in this time.

We are living in the time when everything has reached its consummation. The oppression of mankind has reached its consummation. People are oppressed and don’t even know it. The glory, righteousness, and everything the church has to offer has also reached its consummation. There has never been a time when the “Come out” message had more relevance than in 2017. The true thrones of God have been restored, and we have a place where people can come. When God said “Come out,” it was not a suggestion but a command. Everything in the world right now that belongs to God is coming our way.

Revelation 16:1, 8–10 The call to the apostles tonight is, “Go your ways!”

Apostle Layne’s ministry was focused on the restoration of the Church. “Judgment must begin at the house of God.” But the fifth vial could not be poured out as it has been until these brethren (our present day apostles) took their seats. As we deal with the spirit of the eighth beast properly, there will be a response from the public.

Revelation 20:7

We have yet to see the most powerful demonstration of the power of God! We will see the wrath of carnal man as their system is destroyed as well as a great influx of souls coming to Zion. We’ve been called for the final destruction of the eighth beast! Satan has been lured into the trap set from the foundation of the world. His divided house shall fall!

I Corinthians 15:20 When the eighth beast falls, the very essence of death will fall. We have the privilege of defeating death itself. The world will burn up for one last “fireworks” display at the coronation of Christ and the church!

Thank God His judges and judgments are being restored as at the first and Idolatry is being destroyed.

November 24, 2017 AM

The Lord blessed the congregation of saints on Friday morning in a special way as Brother Patrick O’Shea, Sr. preached on Isaiah 9:5-7.

“For every battle of the warrior is with confused noise, and garments rolled in blood; but this shall be with burning and fuel of fire. For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.”

Christ will rule in the midst of His enemies.

We’re living in the days where God is pouring out His wrath through His saints.

The government has to be right in order for God to work.

Christ is going to break through the skies once everything is restored. He would have come back in the morning time if everything would have been restored.

The Son of man at this end time is not alone.

How can Revelation 18:20 be fulfilled if we have no apostles?

Things are changing and we must move with the scriptures. The most used of God are young people. Old people are hard to change.

High waters raise all ships. Be happy with someone else’s success. Our success is ours all.

Babylon is fallen is fallen. Babylon told Bro. Patrick that if he would leave he would lose all his children. It was beautiful to see them one by one ascend the stage in direct defiance to prophecy of a false prophet. He has lost none of his children. In fact, among them four are preachers, (two apostles) others are missionaries.

As Brother Ray closed the session, he declared that Brother Patrick Sr. is evidently one of the apostles. The audience responded in unanimous praise.

The Lord blessed as Brother Ernest Benion, Jr. took the pulpit in the second session of our morning meeting on Friday and preached on, Unto the Angel: The Gospel According to Saint Ray.

Revelation 2:1 “Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write;”

John 14:12 “…And greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” It’s kind of difficult to imagine this but these are the words of Jesus Himself. He really did say this!

What we understand through the scriptures from the ministry comes from the Apostle Paul yet interesting to note, Paul himself never walked with Jesus in person as did His disciples.

We can look down through history and see that God has always had a man through whom He worked.

Moses was told to survey the people and choose which ones were to take the position of a deacon. Moses did that, not God. God has always identified Himself with someone on earth– someone tangible.

Ephesians 3:2; Colossians 1:24

Paul plainly declared that he had a dispensation. He knew that he was a chosen vessel.

Galatians 1:8 “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.” Paul here is saying preach only what I preach. In other words, he was telling them if another prophet preaches something other than what he preaches, he is accursed.

2 Thessalonians 2:14. “Whereunto he called you by our gospel, to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Beware, young people, of establishing your own personal identity.

Paul locks down all opportunities to deviate, even questions on tradition.

Titus 1:5-9

We haven’t messed this up because there was a man that wouldn’t allow this to mess up. This meeting has set the direction. The understanding we’ve received will help us from getting off course.

If there is no Brother Ray, then we’re all children without a father.

Why wouldn’t we follow the gospel according to Saint Ray?

We can be unrestrained in winning the world if we go home and preach the gospel according to, once again, Saint Ray!

November 23, 2017 PM

A panel of apostles accompanied Bro. Stephen Hargrave on stage tonight as he taught on The Dragon.

The opening scripture was taken from Revelation 12:3: “And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.” In conjunction, John 11:47-50 was read: “Then gathered the chief priests and the Pharisees a council, and said, What do we? for this man doeth many miracles. If we let him thus alone, all men will believe on him: and the Romans shall come and take away both our place and nation. And one of them, named Caiaphas, being the high priest that same year, said unto them, Ye know nothing at all, Nor consider that it is expedient for us, that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not.”

When kings rebelled they rebelled for two reasons; first, they knew the prophecy and second, they attempted to overthrow the prophecy through their knowledge. In order to prevent something from happening you have to know about it. Cain operated this way. He felt like he was the seed. He didn’t look forward to the promise so he killed his brother. Nimrod did the same, taking to himself the place of the seed in the minds of the people. Pharaoh commanded the midwives to kill all male children as soon as they were born. He could not have done that without a knowledge of the prophecy. Herod knew about the coming of the Messiah and therefore enquired where He should be born. Because he knew the prophecy was true he ordered all male children to be killed in an attempt to prevent the prophecy from transpiring. Nebuchadnezzar made a completely golden image in an attempt to prevent his dream from becoming a reality.

If Christ is allowed to live, everyone will believe on Him; the high priest and rulers reasoned thus among themselves. After Jesus raised up Lazarus from the dead a furious meeting was held. The Jewish elite were set on preserving their own place and nation. It was understood that He was the fulfillment of Genesis 3:15. They understood it prophetically.

Anna knew it was time. Simeon also knew it. How else could he have prayed that the Lord, not let him die before he had seen Him. He surely thought “I’m right here. It would be shame for me to die now.” God granted him that privilege and when he saw the eight day old Messiah he rejoiced! He was looking with the eye of prophecy. And Anna came and took the baby and began to preach! The wise men from the East were expecting the Messiah. Zacharias knew, and it caused him to be speechless! After the birth of their son and letting the neighbours know that his name is John Zacharias exclaimed “The Dayspring from on high hath visited us,” talking about the Messiah.

At this time the elite Jews had a meeting. It wasn’t for no reason that they were worried.

The council understood some things. They realized that if Jesus were to be stopped they would have be the ones to stop Him. They weren’t looking to Rome to remove Jesus. If Jesus is, their place and nation would be taken away. It would destroy the Roman economy and since it was under the Roman economy that they were thriving, they weren’t willing to give that up. They could have gathered this only from the knowledge of prophecy.

The most effective way to rule a people is not through abuse. Yes, you can keep them in oppression and make them do what you want but eventually, they would literally rather die than continue to live under those conditions. But if you can control a people’s thought processing you have them under control. There’s a course of this world and no man will bow down to a rock unless they first truly believe something In this way Christ destroyed the Roman economy. He dealt with the belief system of the people, changing their perceptions, and this caused the downfall of the Roman economy. Rome didn’t know it, but the Jewish elite did. John 7:26 says “But, lo, he speaketh boldly, and they say nothing unto him. Do the rulers know indeed that this is the very Christ?” They did know who He was but they did not like Him. We know that from reading Matthew 21:38-46

Nicodemus knew Jesus was the Messiah and actually told on everybody! He told Jesus himself (at night) that they knew He was a teacher come from God! He admitted it, he wasn’t the only one that believed it.

Pilate tried to keep Jesus alive but the Jews persuaded him to do otherwise. Persuasion isn’t just a little talk.

Matthew being a tax collector saw from a tax collector’s perspective and knew exactly what was going on in Matthew 28:11-15. The soldiers had been given “large money” to lie. The Roman guard that had been placed at Jesus’ tomb, when they found the stone rolled away and the tomb empty, reported to the chief priests. The chief priests told the guards to tell a lie, a fantastic story of them all having collectively fallen asleep and when they awakened, the stone was rolled away and the Lord’s body stolen by His disciples. The lie was full of holes. If they were really asleep when the body of Christ was stolen how did they know who had taken it?!

Without the wicked action of the Jewish elite toward Jesus there can be no dragon. The Roman belief system was torn down by the truth. Dragon leaders of the Jews rejected the brightness of the glory of God and thereby rejected the express image of God.

Apostles Patrick O’Shea, Jr., Benjamin Tovstiga, Randall Hargrave, and Ray Tinsman discuss during one of our evening sessions.

November 23, 2017 AM

In the first of two services held this morning, Apostle Ray Tinsman preached a message entitled Tongues as a Sign.

In I Corinthians 14:21, 22 the scripture says “tongues are for a sign.”

“In the law it is written, With men of other tongues and other lips will I speak unto this people; and yet for all that will they not hear me, saith the Lord. Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe, but to them that believe not: but prophesying serveth not for them that believe not, but for them which believe.”

There is a difference between “tongues” and “the gift of tongues.” The word tongues here can be translated “languages” and is in this instance the Greek word glossa, carrying the thought that it is language used by a people, distinct from the languages of other nations.

The Lord Jesus, in Mark 16, commands His disciples to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. This is quite a great departure for these Jewish men and women! By their laws, Jews were to keep separate from all other people. They were not to play, eat, learn the ways of or marry Gentiles. But here, Jesus is saying that after they preach, whoever believeth and is baptized from any nation of all the nations of the world, will be saved. One of the signs that follow the new believers will speak with new or other tongues, in tongues other than the one spoken by His current audience. They would not speak Hebrew.

The preacher ably showed how in Luke chapter 2, God gave a sign to the shepherds so that they would know that Messiah had come.  He told them they would find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.  The sign was something earthly, natural and tangible.

The verses in I Corinthians 14 are in direct reference to Isaiah 28:11. Some say that this prophesy was fulfilled in the time when Israel was taken captive into Babylon, but if that is so, why would the Apostle Paul refer to it in the New Testament in connection with a multi-lingual congregation? We are reminded that it is not unheard of for a prophecy to have a dual fulfillment. In the Old Testament, it was prophesied that David’s son would build the temple of God. Solomon’s Temple was built, but the greater fulfillment came when Jesus, called the “son of David”, built the church of God of which He is Chief Cornerstone.

On the authority of the scriptures that have been mentioned and others, one of the signs of the gospel day is that God would speak through a people not of Hebrew descent. The fact that the apostle was dealing with a multi-lingual congregation was the sign!

In Acts chapter 2 when the multitude heard the wonderful works of God being spoken in their native languages, the amazement was that the gospel was being preached or spoken in those languages, prior to this, no one would have taken up the message of the gospel in a language other than Hebrew. Though the disciples surely knew more than one language it was not permissible to speak of God in other than the Hebrew tongue. The supposition that they were drunken wasn’t based on their actions, but that somehow they had lost their inhibitions and were speaking about God in Parthian, Cretian, Libyan and Arabian! Apostle Peter tells the people that this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel who said that in the last days the Spirit would be poured out on all flesh. For the prophecy to be fulfilled it was absolutely necessary that the gospel be preached in other languages.

In I Corinthians chapter 12, gifts of the Spirit are listed, namely the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, faith, gifts of healing, discerning of spirits, governments. Do we presume that the persons who are gifted possessed no wisdom or discernment or ability to govern prior to the gift being given? No, we know that God saved and sanctified the person and used the personality and ability that he already had.

In Acts chapter 10, Cornelius and those in his house spoke, magnifying God in languages other than Hebrew just as had occurred in Acts chapter 2.

In Revelation 7:9, 10 there is a great number that no man can number of all nations, kindreds, people and languages standing before the throne crying, “Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb!” Amen!

Apostle Addison Everett preached The Fullness of the Mystery in the second service.

“But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.” Revelation 10:7

Ephesians 1:9 speaks of “the mystery of his will” and Revelation 10:7 is talking about the same mystery. What was God’s burden? What does God want?

In Genesis, we see that Adam had a lofty, elevated seat. God’s will from the beginning was that all men would be gathered to Adam and to God’s image in him. In Genesis 3:15, the promise of the seed of the woman was given to the entire human race and in it was the promise of children, seed.

There is a great mystery in the seed of the woman and inside the seed of the serpent. In the woman’s seed is the mystery of righteousness. In the serpent’s seed, the mystery of iniquity. The mystery of iniquity began in the serpent Before the time of Nimrod, the entire earth was of one speech. They spoke Adam’s language and that was God’s will; one human language for all humans with all obeying Him. Nimrod had a plan to take over the oneness that mankind shared and to gather man to himself. God stopped this, confusing the languages. The different nations scattered one from another, taking Nimrod’s influence with them.

Abram lived after Nimrod and dwelt in Ur which was in Babylon. God spoke to Abram and promised him a seed. Later Abraham’s descendants possess this promise, but it was never because Abraham’s blood was in their veins that they were chosen, it was always because of the faith of Abraham. Abraham had the gospel, in a mystery.

Ephesians 3:6 says “that the Gentiles should be fellowheirs, and of the same body…,” with who? With the Jews. Abram and Adam and Eve got that promise, but it is the job of the 7th trumpet ministry to finish the mystery, then shall that wicked be revealed. The heartbeat of God is the gathering of all things. Ephesians 4 says, “Till we all come in the unity of the faith…unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ.” Pentecost answers to Genesis 11 where the languages were confused. Oneness is restored by the experience that Pentecost gives. With the purging of our carnal nature, we are brought back into one.

The fullness of God’s intention is one human family under Adam. We see in Matthew 19:28 that Adam’s seat was filled by the apostles in the morning time of the gospel day. God put man back in authority, but the fullness of the morning time was not complete. The fullness of the fullness comes in the 7th trumpet time.

In Matthew chapter 8 there is a Gentile centurion who has the faith of Abraham, a depth of faith not found in physical Israel. In verse 10 of the chapter it says, “…that many shall come from the east and west, and shall sit down.” They shall sit down, or reign on thrones with Abraham.

In Luke 13:28-30 the Lord is speaking to the Jews and again says “there are last which shall be first, and there are first which shall be last.” The Jews understood that Jesus was speaking about thrones. In verse 31 certain of the Pharisees warn Jesus that He should leave because Herod, the sitting king, would kill Him for what He had said.

When Gentiles sit on thrones, the Gentiles can flow into Zion. Romans 11:25 “…until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in.” Now, come all the nations! It’s time! There are Gentile apostles on thrones in Zion. Come all nations; Jews too! Amen!

November 22, 2017 PM

With a burden to show the things that are connected to what is commonly known as “speaking in tongues”, Bro. Stephen Hargrave presented a multi-media message entitled Tongues of Devils.

The opening scripture of the message was Proverbs 4:7: “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”

The Greek word for actor is hypokrites. This word means “judging under or interpreting from under a mask.”

Denzel Washington is a famous actor. In an audio clip, Mr. Washington said that through contact with the spirit world he received inspiration for his role. “I got down on my knees and communicated with the spirits.” The spirits gave him power to play the role.

Jack Nicholson, another famous actor, played the part of the Joker in a movie. The Joker looks clownish, but is a wicked, evil character. Another actor named Heath Ledger took on the same role in a different movie and he used drugs to help transform himself into the maniacal character. Ledger died several months after the filming of the movie. During that time, he was unable to return to his normal self, he had given himself over to the character so thoroughly. He died of an overdose of drugs. Later, when referring to Ledger during an interview, Jack Nicholson stated that he had warned Ledger that there was an element of [demon] possession in the role that is “difficult to overcome.”

Shirley MacLaine is an actress who has plainly stated that she simply channels the characters that she plays and allows the character to inhabit her. Channeling is the belief or practice of allowing a spirit to take over a person’s body for the purpose of communication.

In another audio clip, Nicolas Cage spoke of channeling a character to the extent that his co-actors were afraid of him. He was able to feed off of their actual fear to give an authentic performance. Speaking of comic books, he said that the symbols associated with super heroes in the books, have power. He knew police officers who wore superhero t-shirts under their uniforms to give them power.

The devil is enabling these actors to do what they do. It is not a simple matter of  talented people playing a part.

When you open yourself up to these types of things, you are turning yourself over to the devil’s world. You abandon your security.

Robin Williams, an actor/comedian, was known to channel spirits. He said of them, “it comes through you.” This man was given over to a spirit of levity. He could not be taken seriously yet in private he suffered from depression and eventually committed suicide.

Wicked spiritual activity is not limited to actors. Singer/performer Beyonce said that she raised up her hands and something else came in to her. This occurred in preparation for a concert. A wicked spirit came into her. Michael Jackson, a singer/dancer known for his cutting edge dance movements and ultra human energy, when asked what he thought about as he danced, declared that he didn’t think. “You have to feel, you become the beat and the instruments.” Marina Abramovic is an advisor to many well-known performers. She is also a witch. Katy Perry was once a gospel singer, but when her career didn’t progress as she had planned, she declared, “I sold my soul to the devil.” This is the entertainment industry. They have sold their souls to the devil.

T.D. Jakes has a church in Dallas, he is also an entertainer in his own right. He sings, acts in movies and preaches. He is a famous, articulate, intelligent, sophisticated man who makes a lot of money. We heard an audio clip of him portraying what the majority of the “Christian world” would recognize as “speaking in tongues.” A clip of a protégé of Bishop Jakes was also played. In the recording, Paula White instructs an audience on how to “speak in tongues”, she says, “If you don’t open your mouth, the Holy Spirit can’t talk.” These are false tongues, the tongues of devils, and they are very real and very, very wicked. This has everything to do with opening yourself up to the devil. Language is intended to convey the understanding of the speaker. “With all thy getting, get understanding.”

November 22, 2017 AM

Bro. Jonathan O’Shea and Bro. Branden McReynolds presented an information-packed message entitled Pharmaceutical Sorcerers.

In Titus 2:12 we are told that the grace of God teaches us that “we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world.” Sobriety does not mean that you never laugh, it does mean that the Lord wants us to have a mind that is able to think clearly. We have an enemy who has a motive to take away our ability to think.

The Greek word used in Revelation 18:23 and translated sorcery is pharmakeia and in its definition are included the words medication, magic, sorcery and witchcraft. “For thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.”

Current statistics state that 7 out of 10 Americans are using prescription medications. More than eight million children are taking prescription psychiatric drugs.

In the early 1900s, a company called IG Farben was in formed in Germany. Bayer is a subsidiary of IG Farben.  The IG Farben Chemical Company was set up next to Auschwitz concentration camp and many of the Jews who were sent to Auschwitz became test subjects for the products of the chemical company. IG Farben financed the building of the camp and had a continual supply of people for their experiments. There are a number of medicines in use today that were developed and tested as a result of the inhumane practices of the IG Farben company.

In Lexington, Kentucky there was a narcotics farm where people addicted to narcotics could go and get help for their addictions. This farm became a mini-holocaust with addicts becoming subjects for pharmaceutical research.

Today we have stores called “pill mills” with counseling and on-site dispensaries that enable people to get medications easily and become controllable. Newspapers are full of ads for such businesses.

Bro. Branden’s part of the presentation answered the question, “how does this affect us today?”

Rap music is the voice or the preaching of the inner city. Rappers today use and promote the use of a drink composed of cough syrup and carbonated soft drink. The drink is called Lean. The rap music that our youth are listening to is filled with pharmaceutical drug use. Youth listen and then indulge.

Drug use is the main cause of violence in the inner cities and the pushing of drug use in the inner cities is intentionally and purposefully advanced to make money and to control the people.

Drug making companies put 2.5 billion dollars into lobbying and funding members of Congress. Congressmen have personally invested $68,000,000 in the drug industry. When legislation affecting the drug industry is being considered, lawmakers have a conflict of interest.

Drugs (legal or illegal) break the mind down and make the user more susceptible to evil spirits.

November 21, 2017 PM

“A day in thy courts is better than a thousand.”

Truly God is good to Israel. Words cannot express the abundance of God’s blessings upon us this evening! Apostle Elizabeth Oppel expounded on the subject of Celebrities: Merchants of the Earth.

Everyone is being controlled by someone. God has set it up that you are going to follow someone.

Ephesians 6:12. We are dealing with spiritual wickedness in high places. The only place you can get a correct view of celebrities is in the Church of God.

Sis. Oppel mentioned a number of celebrities and their impact on today’s society.

Taylor Swift, a famous country/pop singer, makes $170 million per year. She sings a lot about disappointments in her love life, as well as songs that relate to witchcraft. Her songs teach our young people that true love cannot be found.

Beyonce, a famous performer, earns $115 million per year. She pays $850 for manicure. She is enslaved to a system that uses her to tell society how to be.

LeBron James is a professional basketball player whose annual salary is $31 million. His endorsement earnings increase the amount of his yearly income to $86 million. When you go watch him play, you watch someone worshipping Satan by playing ball.

Dolly Parton, a well-known singer, is known as the queen of plastic surgery at 71 years old. She is trying to teach society that it is not nice to get old. She is worth over $500 million.

Politicians and celebrities are working together.

It is public knowledge that Hillary Clinton has been involved in more than twenty scandals. How is it that  she still be free? The “higher-ups” of the devil have protected her. This is “wickedness in high places!”

Sis. Patricia Braun got up to tell us about the misery and heartache that celebrities face in life. She mentioned the “27 Club,” named in remembrance of the numbers of famous musicians who died at the age of twenty-seven. They were taken advantage of by the system and used by the kings of the earth. Though they were promised much, their lives ended in disappointment. Many celebrities are given to drug abuse and are known for theft, murder, and sexual abuse of children.

Britney Spears is known to have had the shortest celebrity marriage, lasting for only 55 hours.

Sis. Oppel then continued by exposing the tremendous affect celebrities have on the public. You will become what you watch and admire. These celebrities are teaching marital affairs, divorce and remarriage, etc. Why are we having mass shootings? Someone has been watching Hollywood! Celebrities raise racial tension, teaching the nations to kill each other. Suicide rates are high because people can never be what the celebrities tell them they can be.

Not only is the public controlled by the celebrities, but the celebrities are also controlled. They are merely puppets of the kings of the earth. They have laid themselves at the wicked apostles’ feet. They are being told what to believe, whom to vote for, and what to say. In order to keep their celebrity status and make money, they have to endorse the LGBT movement.

After having shown various pictures to the audience of famous celebrities, Sis. Oppel displayed a picture of Apostle Daniel Layne. At this moment, the saints got onto their feet and erupted in shouts. The climax of the message only intensified as more pictures were shown of the present-day apostles of the Church of God, first of Apostle Ray Tinsman, then of others. These are our celebrities! We have somebody we can take our children to. We can be assured that our children are going to be safe in the hands of the apostles. Our children have someone to mimic. More pictures were displayed, including different couples that have been married for many years without any affairs. We have a system that works! There are no words to describe the glory we witnessed as the message escalated in power. Saints were beside themselves, leaping, shouting, and praising God. Children surrounded the apostles on the platform. It was a beautiful sight!

November 21, 2017 AM

This morning’s message was a multi-media, multi-minister presentation led by Apostle Addison Everett and Apostle Randall Hargrave and entitled The Original Apostasy.

We were shown how images presented in media actually speak to us, they are purposeful.  There is a whole economy behind the pictures that we are shown in the media. Loyalty is created and a message is preached. People are gathered in devotion to certain images; whether it’s Chevy over Ford or vice versa. People become loyal to one product or one entity or another because of an image cast in their minds.

Only men of reknown are chosen to represent a product or idea that is being marketed.  The brand owner is wanting to brand you with his mark and so he would never select an unknown, but rather wants someone who is recognizable and is favorably thought of to personify his product or to be associated with what he has to offer. The desire is to get you to buy the product for the sake of the image it casts as well as for the very product’s sake. Wearing or using a product that is well-marketed according to this standard will make you feel a certain way when you own it for yourself and apply it.

When you buy certain pairs of pants, you don’t just buy leg coverings, you also buy a hat, boots with spurs and more. You become a cowboy.  You inherit a community.

We cut tags off of products that we buy.  We don’t want to feel a part of that community, we simply need the product.

The question is asked, “Is image worship bad, are images bad?” The answer is, “No, not if it’s the right image.”

God created the first image. It was Adam, son of God. Adam was divinity inside of man.

The second image cast was man as God. Eve became her own god by listening to the serpent. The serpent beguiled her, he preached words that cast an image into Eve’s mind. Adam and Eve believed the alternative image and were gathered to the serpent’s community.

To rescue His image from His creation, God cast another image. He gave a promise in Genesis 3:15 and pronounced two seeds; the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. This prophecy, this image is cast against the image of the serpent.

“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

Now there are two images, two sets of words for people to attach to, in a world that was intended to hold only one. Matthew 13 says, “Behold, a sower went forth to sow …” God sowed and the serpent sowed and the seed found ground, and brought forth.

The preachers taught of Cain, who was a city-builder and the father of city-builders, of Lamech, Cain’s son who took multiple wives and was a murderer and of the land of Cain, known as Nod, Mesopotamia and Sumer. Genesis chapter 6, a passage of scripture from which fantastic tales are told, was briefly and most excellently and understandably explained. Also Genesis chapter 11 was presented at some length and Nimrod, Babel and Nebuchadnezzar and the images of his dream and the golden image that he made opened up in a wonderful way in the understanding of those who heard.

Revelation 18 speaks of three groups of people: kings of the earth, merchants of the earth and people of the earth. Merchants get rich off of the people when they play by the rules set up by the kings. The saints will not operate by the rules of the system of the world and so will never be billionaires. This world operates just like the system that it is patterned after. This world is Babylon. Its architecture, its news, entertainment, sports, education, pharmaceutical and insurance companies. Its celebrities, singers and actors, all are cast in Babylon’s mold.

It is not possible to fully report on what was seen at the Reed Conference Center in Oklahoma City this morning. There will be audio recordings available and a slideshow presentation posted on the church YouTube channel as soon as possible. Look for the message entitled, The Original Apostasy.

November 20, 2017

The splendor of the holy in sweet convocation is such intense bliss it literally cannot be compared to anything else in all the world. Picturesquely, everyone was at the edge of their seats eagerly anticipating the commencement of what we not only hope, but know will be the greatest meeting of all times. The atmosphere was charged!

God granted our request through song and sent the power down as Apostle Benjamin Tovstiga took the pulpit and expounded the word of God more perfectly. “To say we are living in an exciting time is an understatement. The goodness of God is mounting moment by moment! It really is wonderful to think that God is worthy but that he has a people that is worthy is excellent!” these were some opening statements before turning to Malachi 4:1-2, 7.

When shall this law go forth? The answer is: “God is a God of Crescendo!” “Louder Louder Hallelujah!” We are within the perimeters of this crescendo but at the very end.

Isaiah was able to build on Abraham, Joel and all the prophets that preceded him and we, we too are building on all that has preceded us.

An analogy of a 1,000 piece puzzle was given. We are living in a time where 990 pieces are in place already, all we have left is the last ten!! It’s never been easier or safer to prophesy. The one weakness to this analogy is that though the Apostle Paul was at the beginning he most emphatically knew who he was but in relation to us, there was a lot unknown. We evidently are further in time and position than he was.

We are the only people, ministry, and apostles, who can reveal the eighth beast … It’s time to honour our brethren and give the little book. Things need to be said now that have never been said before. Our word is to be accepted like the ultimate word of God. The apostles of our day are equal to apostles of the morning time. If we trust those of the morning time why not trust those of our time?

We aren’t adding to the word of God, we’re fulfilling it. The Mormon sin wasn’t the sin of writing another book, but in deviating from that crescendo of prophecy. If we don’t walk in the fullness, God will wipe us out.

We are the scriptures! If all we do is read the literal text we’ll take away or add to but we are the context of the scriptures. Revelation 16:1 commissions us to raise the cry to go, go dispense at your discretion but under the influence of the Holy Ghost.

If the canon was the ultimate, why did John say “Give me the little book?” we look at Paul and deem everything he did as correct because it was Paul and that’s how we view the entire Acts of the Apostles and rightly so, but how about looking at Bro. Ray the same way?!

This is the message and test of faith in our day. This is what will save the world and only a rebellious, wicked and evil heart can’t understand this.

This report doesn’t do justice at all in describing how amazing the service really was. It was beautiful watching the saints get beside themselves with excitement, the apostles not being able to contain themselves at their seats and even the children joining in. Glory Glory!

Apostle Bro. Benjamin Tovstiga preaches on the first evening of the meeting

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