West Milton Campmeeting 2018 in Pictures

Saved young people sing the most-requested song of the meeting, “I’ve Missed Out.”
Saints of many nations and tongues worship together in song during one of our first services.
Ask any child if campmeeting isn’t the best week of the year!
Special singing.
Picture day.
Eighteen-year-old Brother Stephen O’Shea preached a beautiful, passionate message about the unity of God’s people.
One of the food lines after Monday’s fast day.
A family crosses the road during our Tuesday streetmeeting in Dayton.
Children singing at streetmeeting.
Many young people testified with power and liberty about deliverance from the world and its opresssions.
Thanking the Lord for the food.
Hundreds attended the missions meeting, where Elders Benion, Oppel, and Hildebrandt read assignments and gave training.
The oldest children’s class learns about Nimrod.
Youth meetings like these are found nowhere else.
A sudden shower catches a father and his two daughters as they walk to evening service.
Brother Abram Braun from Manitoba gives a dynamic exhortation.
Brothers lined the podium for the song “I Am a Man.”
Brother Gary Boevers is ordained to the ministry by the laying on of the apostles’ hands.
On Friday, we observed the Biblical ordinances of feet washing and the Lord’s supper.
Children watch during the ordinance service.
Evening refreshments.
Elder Addison Everett giving rides.

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2 thoughts on “West Milton Campmeeting 2018 in Pictures”

  1. When/Where is the next Camp Meeting… would my family 👪 and I be able to attend… blessed be the Name of the Lord for the purity of His Word lived out in this day and age… PRAISE YOU JESUS… I hunger more of Him and less of me until there is no me and ALL HIM LIVING THROUGH HIS HUMBLE MAID SERVANT…


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